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Weston, Lewis Co., WV



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Beamer, Wilford Ray  21 Mar 1924Weston, Lewis Co., WV I25784
2 Butcher, Donald Lee   I39588
3 Forinash, Beatrice Marguerite  16 Mar 1901Weston, Lewis Co., WV I30581
4 Forinash, Elias Pindle C.  13 Jul 1873Weston, Lewis Co., WV I20751
5 Forinash, Frank G.  20 Dec 1906Weston, Lewis Co., WV I40984
6 Forinash, Mary Ann   I40917
7 Forinash, Richard "Dick"  23 Nov 1954Weston, Lewis Co., WV I39632
8 Forinash, Richard Thomas   I40905
9 Forinash, Roseannah Lee "Ann"  26 Aug 1864Weston, Lewis Co., WV I20749
10 Forinash, Ruth  30 Jun 1921Weston, Lewis Co., WV I40971
11 Forinash, William Russell   I39636
12 Glover, Barbara Ann   I40906
13 Hayslette, John Homer  20 Jan 1951Weston, Lewis Co., WV I37425
14 Hayslette, Patricia Jane   I37433
15 Heater, Barbara Louise   I39642
16 Helmick, Lenora   I7369
17 Jack, Margaret Rosalie "Margy"  26 Jan 1926Weston, Lewis Co., WV I26619
18 Maley, Eugene Orvil  Dec 1929Weston, Lewis Co., WV I34190
19 Maley, Mary Kathryn   I39587
20 Morgan, Ralph Patterson  22 Oct 1890Weston, Lewis Co., WV I38957
21 Pickerell, Florence Mae  4 Jan 1901Weston, Lewis Co., WV I30555
22 Proudfoot, James Edward "Jimmy"  9 Aug 1925Weston, Lewis Co., WV I26473
23 Sleigh, Richard Malloy   I40918
24 Wise, Charles G. Jr.  6 Sep 1916Weston, Lewis Co., WV I39574


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Beamer, Blanche Jane  19 Apr 1941Weston, Lewis Co., WV I4954
2 Beamer, Calvin Byrd  1 Feb 1924Weston, Lewis Co., WV I4843
3 Blagg, Elizabeth Maggie  18 Sep 1906Weston, Lewis Co., WV I18940
4 Blagg, Theodore R.  10 May 1926Weston, Lewis Co., WV I18939
5 Bonnell, Onal  15 Feb 1940Weston, Lewis Co., WV I34191
6 Brown, Velva Marie  24 Mar 2006Weston, Lewis Co., WV I39631
7 Everett, Alice D.  14 Mar 1938Weston, Lewis Co., WV I30556
8 Everett, Charles Lee  13 Aug 1942Weston, Lewis Co., WV I30564
9 Everett, Elias E. E.  27 Feb 1953Weston, Lewis Co., WV I30563
10 Forinash, Clora A.  14 Sep 2002Weston, Lewis Co., WV I25466
11 Forinash, James W. Columbus  11 Jun 1937Weston, Lewis Co., WV I20748
12 Forinash, Kyle Sr.  15 Jan 1936Weston, Lewis Co., WV I18693
13 Forinash, Levi Price  21 Nov 1942Weston, Lewis Co., WV I989
14 Forinash, Margaret M.  12 Aug 1872Weston, Lewis Co., WV I20746
15 Forinash, Minnie  6 Mar 1927Weston, Lewis Co., WV I20771
16 Forinash, Peter D.  20 May 1869Weston, Lewis Co., WV I20747
17 Forinash, Richard "Dick"  Oct 1986Weston, Lewis Co., WV I39632
18 Forinash, Russell Denver  30 Aug 1957Weston, Lewis Co., WV I39629
19 Forinash, Ruth  13 Mar 1922Weston, Lewis Co., WV I40971
20 Forinash, Sophronia Belle "Fronie"  15 Dec 1945Weston, Lewis Co., WV I1045
21 Forinash, William Roy  3 Apr 1947Weston, Lewis Co., WV I39620
22 Hayslett, Mary Lee  9 Jul 1976Weston, Lewis Co., WV I47312
23 Hayslett, Otis Newman  6 Mar 1967Weston, Lewis Co., WV I30767
24 Hefner, Dr. Henry Stanley  11 Jan 1922Weston, Lewis Co., WV I20958
25 Henderson, Howard C.  29 Jul 1990Weston, Lewis Co., WV I26880
26 Hicks, Harriet Etta  19 Oct 1942Weston, Lewis Co., WV I6905
27 Holden, Gustava V.  27 Sep 1934Weston, Lewis Co., WV I39624
28 Jack, Madge  19 Oct 1918Weston, Lewis Co., WV I18962
29 Jack, Martha  23 Aug 1950Weston, Lewis Co., WV I46305
30 Jack, Walter Burton  12 Feb 1914Weston, Lewis Co., WV I18960
31 Jack, William Henry Jr.  23 Oct 1918Weston, Lewis Co., WV I18964
32 King, Early Absalom  20 Feb 1896Weston, Lewis Co., WV I16495
33 Life, Georgia May  6 Nov 1956Weston, Lewis Co., WV I31351
34 Mace, Jasper Luther  21 Oct 1955Weston, Lewis Co., WV I30565
35 Maley, Orvil E.  15 Apr 1964Weston, Lewis Co., WV I34189
36 Marsh, Marshall Clark  17 Sep 1927Weston, Lewis Co., WV I6172
37 Marsh, Pierce Deeks  15 Sep 1941Weston, Lewis Co., WV I18681
38 McClung, David Lofton  8 Jan 1972Weston, Lewis Co., WV I13051
39 McClung, Donald Francis  14 Aug 1960Weston, Lewis Co., WV I36908
40 McClung, Lydia M.  15 Jan 1973Weston, Lewis Co., WV I17157
41 McNemar, Phillip E.  19 Dec 1932Weston, Lewis Co., WV I20444
42 McQuain, Flossie  18 Aug 1949Weston, Lewis Co., WV I19810
43 Murphy, Greeley S.  19 Feb 1947Weston, Lewis Co., WV I25601
44 O'Dell, Andrew B.  6 Jul 1903Weston, Lewis Co., WV I38876
45 O'Farrell, Lucille  30 Nov 1956Weston, Lewis Co., WV I36674
46 Osborne, Hobert Lee  13 Jan 1977Weston, Lewis Co., WV I24060
47 Reger, Rachel  1866Weston, Lewis Co., WV I4379
48 Ridgeway, Elizabeth Larie "Lizzie"  25 Jan 1924Weston, Lewis Co., WV I20770
49 Sims, Dona Jane  30 May 1959Weston, Lewis Co., WV I26886
50 Smith, Harriet Key  15 Dec 1912Weston, Lewis Co., WV I18651

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Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Forinash, Ruth  14 Mar 1922Weston, Lewis Co., WV I40971


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Forinash, William Roy  Weston, Lewis Co., WV I39620


Matches 1 to 23 of 23

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Beall / Beamer  9 Feb 1916Weston, Lewis Co., WV F2014
2 Butcher / Maley   F13874
3 Butcher / McClung  1 Jun 1942Weston, Lewis Co., WV F9476
4 Forinash / Brown  25 Jul 1942Weston, Lewis Co., WV F13889
5 Forinash / Crites  27 Sep 1904Weston, Lewis Co., WV F14489
6 Forinash / Heater   F13893
7 Forinash / Lake  6 Jun 1911Weston, Lewis Co., WV F1975
8 Frame / McClung  16 Jun 1923Weston, Lewis Co., WV F11494
9 Gillespie / Forinash  25 Aug 1928Weston, Lewis Co., WV F1831
10 Goodwin / Forinash  24 Dec 1927Weston, Lewis Co., WV F14539
11 Hefner / Forinash  26 Jun 1913Weston, Lewis Co., WV F8610
12 Howell / Bennett  30 Sep 1891Weston, Lewis Co., WV F2010
13 Johnson / Forinash   F13891
14 Killian / Forinash  20 Nov 1944Weston, Lewis Co., WV F14452
15 Lunsford / Peterson  25 Sep 1919Weston, Lewis Co., WV F2571
16 Morrison / Forinash   F14454
17 Pickens / Forinash  1 Sep 1917Weston, Lewis Co., WV F8612
18 Shifflette / Beall  25 Sep 1936Weston, Lewis Co., WV F13872
19 Sleigh / Forinash   F14455
20 Stalnaker / Mick   F13867
21 Tenney / Forinash  27 Oct 1917Weston, Lewis Co., WV F1971
22 Wise / Mick  30 Dec 1948Weston, Lewis Co., WV F13866
23 Wittman / Forinash  19 Jun 1912Weston, Lewis Co., WV F14439

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