Meadow Bluff Meanderings

a history of the Crane, McClung, Walkup, and allied families

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1 and hypertension. Shawver, Anna Burton "Annie" (I13122)
2 Bellwood, Fayette Co., WV. Internal wounds to intestines, stomach, spleen, and kidneys. Hunter, Ruby Jean (I14352)
3 Co., WV) Hall, Walter Franklin (I35716)
4 death and took a chokeing spell and died in 15 minutes (no doctor called) Lewis, William Frank (I22227)
5 Division Forinash, Albert C. (I20804)
6 enclampsia. Dorsey, Cathaleen Opal (I27398)
7 Infantry McClung, Cyrus Rupert "Rupe Hinton" (I16905)
8 London, Kanawha Co., WV on 1 July 1948. McClung, Loren Robert (I5445)
9 Militia Crane, Joseph S. Sr. (I19807)
10 opinion is he died from strangulation Deitz, Charles Elmer (I37049)
11 Wyandotte Co., KS Arthur, Dorsey Edward Sr. (I31737)
12 "9.Oct.1591. Georg was born to Michael Grimm and Catharina. Georg Wagner was the godfather." This record comes from the Nördlingen parish.

In the death register for 21.Nov.1633 there appears "Michael Grimm, baker, 70 years old."

Catharina Grimm does not appear in the death register but it only starts in 1618. The marriage of Michael and Catharina is not recorded in Nördlingen. 
Grimm, Georg (I39943)
13 "Jochem Kaller/Caljer/Colyer: His Place of Origin Identified," The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record, Volume 121, Number 1, pp. 36-37, January, 1990.

Immigrated on the ship De Brand van Troyen ("The Burning of Troy"), sailing from Hoorn, The Netherlands to Manhattan in 1639. While on board ship, he became involved with Magdalena Michiels Waele (who was in the service of Andries Hudde). Jochem paid Hudde to release Magdalena from her contract. Jochem Colyer was in the service of Jonas Bronck.

Baptisms of New Amsterdam Reformed Dutch Church 1639-1730

1642 Mar 09; Jochem Kayker; Jacob; Burger Joriszen, Jorge Roelofs, Teuntje Broecks
1644 Mar 13; Jochem Colart; Jeurgie; Jeurgie Blanck, Albert Jochemszen, Hester Jans wife of Jacob Wolfertszen
1646 Mar 11; Jochem Carels; Annetje; Jan Nagel - Engelmans, Styntje Pieters
1650 Jun 05; Jochem Kier; Dorothe (twin); Dirck de Noorman & wife Chrystyn, Pieter Andrieszen, Daniel Sergiant, Elisabeth Cregiers, Claertie Ebels
1650 Jun 05; Jochem Kier; Michiel (twin); Dirck de Noorman & wife Chrystyn, Pieter Andrieszen, Daniel Sergiant, Elisabeth Cregiers, Claertie Ebels
1653 Feb 09; Jochem Callaer; Jacobus; Marten Cregier, Albert Janszen, Heyltje Pieters
Caljer, Jochem (I38324)
14 "Mursen Jones" is listed as the father of Maude J. Hunter Johnson on her death certificate. Jones, Morencey (I35301)
15 (Medical):Bob was about 6'-2" tall, weighed 180 lbs., had black hair and gray eyes. Hunter, Robert A. "Bob" (I12856)
16 (Medical):Died from injuries sustained in an auto collision on highway in Rupert, WV on 9 Jun 1983 at 10:34 p.m. Remley, Linda Lou (I8511)
17 (Medical):Kate was about 4'-11" tall, weighed 120 lbs., and had red hair and blue eyes. Crane, Mary Kathryn "Kate" (I12968)
18 (Medical):No doctor had seen patient for about 3 years. Blagg, Carydon Hook "Carry" (I19507)
19 (Medical):See attached sources. Blagg, George Washington (I18937)
20 (Medical):See attached sources. Crane, John Quincy Adams (I19910)
21 (Medical):See attached sources. Forinash, Oscar Dow (I31347)
22 (Medical):See attached sources. Mullins, Jefferson Davis (I42376)
23 (Medical):See attached sources. Hayslett, Edna Louise (I46386)
24 (Medical):See attached sources. Black, Andrew H. (I48721)
25 (Medical):shot while sitting in car (presumably) on Highway 81 outside Fayetteville city limits Akers, Phillip Ray (I47906)
26 (Research):Check Amherst Co., VA marriage bonds for additional children. Moses, Samuel (I24768)
27 (Research):Check for obituary in the Braxton Co. Democrat. Hardman, Cyntha Jane (I4065)
28 (Research):Fielding's parentage is unproven, however, John & Mary (Fleshman) Fipps seem likely to be his parents. Fipps, Fielding (I21794)
29 (Research):French Lewis had a peg leg. According to family, he was pushed onto the railroad tracks while playing with his father and lost the leg after being hit by a train. Lewis, French Lee (I20498)
30 (Research):Henry V. Haley was living in Quinnimont District, Fayette Co., WV in the 1900 census. Based upon families living nearby (Backus, Fox, particularly Charles A. Fox, JOP), I have estimated his residence to be near Crickmer or Clute. The Hawley Coal Co. (Meadow Bridge) is a possibility for H.V.H.'s place of work. There appears to have been a sawmill and railroad close by his residence as well.

In the 1920 Census, Henry V. Haley was living with his family on Willis Branch Road. It seems likely that he would have been employed at Willis Branch Coal Co. 
Haley, Henry Virgil (I16240)
31 (Research):

George Howard Zvonaric appeals from the district court's denial of his petition for writ of habeas corpus and dismissal without prejudice of his motion to transfer. We affirm.

Zvonaric is imprisoned in the Federal Correctional Institution in Sandstone, Minnesota, serving a two year sentence imposed in May of 1974 by the United States District Court for the Northern District of West Virginia following his plea of guilty to charges of possession of stolen mail and uttering and publishing a forged United States Treasury check. 
Zvonaric, George Howard (I25402)
32 (Research):

Corrected Pedigrees by Jeff Carr

...What a powerful word, "if." Mrs. Harter continued by elaborating on the family of John Jacob Peterson, an early South Branch settler in Hardy County, who had emigrated from Switzerland as Hans Joggi Bidert. In the Peterson family records, which are quite good for that time period (ca. 1750), there is no record or rumor of a daughter Mary married to a Cunningham. There was a daughter named Ursula, for which there is no further adult record, whom they suggest never returned from Indian captivity. Mary Harter made the preposterous suggestion that since "Maria" is the commonly given first name for many girls in Germanic families, Ursula must have been "Maria Ursula," and became known as Mary [Cunningham]. This is no different than having an ancestor named John, finding a family of that given surname that has a son named Valentine, then concluding that this must be your ancestor, since most Germanic sons had Johann as their first given name! In addition to this, only 36 years separates the birth of Ursula Peterson and James Cunningham's oldest child, which narrows in practical terms the possibility of her having been James' mother. Mary Harter also sidestepped the obvious conflict of James Cunningham's traditionally reported birth date of 1741, and Ursula' s of 1731. This really was unlike Mary Harter to have made such a ridiculous jump, and taints an otherwise excellent article. As strange as that was, it is even more frustrating that other readers/researchers uncritically added this lineage to their charts.

Via some incidental researching, the genesis of Mrs. Harter's suggestion may have been found. In her book The Hammers and Allied Families of Pendleton County, WV (1950), Elsie Byrd Boggs reported (p.2) that the Petersons were "sometimes called Pedroes." While it is true that the Bidert family underwent several varietal name changes to Peterson, including Peters, I have not found any evidence that the Petersons were ever called Petro. Most of what Mrs. Boggs recounted were family traditions. She later (p.23) told about the Cunningham family, and the Petro family that came about the same time; ". . . their [Petro's] daughter became the wife of John Cunningham." Mrs. Boggs went on to recount the Indian captivity. With family traditions, it is hard to tell what is accurate and what gets garbled after 200 years. It is also unclear if the family legend was "Petro" and Mrs. Boggs changed it to Peterson, or if the legend was Peterson and changed it to Petro. As many in Randolph County know, there is a distinct family named Petro. They first settled in Hampshire County, and moved to Randolph County in the late 1700's. I ran across a brief narrative of that family, by James H. Petro of Chillicothe, OH; it is interesting to note that three members of the Petro family were also taken captive by Indians. He did not mention any connection to the Cunninghams. Their generational time-frames would not seem to accommodate Mary (Cunningham) Ward.

Another Peterson connection comes through the William and Mary (Bennett) Peterson family of Lewis County. A book by W. H. Peterson claims that William Peterson was of Swedish descent, the son of Lawrens Peterson; the author claimed that Lawrens married Nancy Jones and settled on the South Branch. Unfortunately, a rather imposing tombstone recounts this in a cemetery at Vandalia in Lewis County. There is absolutely no evidence of a Lawrens Peterson anywhere near the Hampshire County area. In fact, the available evidence suggests that William descends from the same Peterson family described above. While I have yet to find any proving evidence, William's circumstantial evidence (mostly tax lists) always place him in proximity to that family. Given William's approximate birth date of 1762, he was of the generation to have been a grandson of John Jacob Peterson/Hans Joggi Bidert Sr. Jacob Sr. had three sons: Jacob Jr., Martin, and Michael. The families of Jacob Jr. and Martin are fairly well documented. However, we can't just assume that William was a son of Michael, due to our lack knowledge of all the relationships and possible illegitimate relationships. In that same book by W.H. Peterson, a Henry Peterson was reported as a brother to William. Oddly enough, I know of no evidence of a Henry in relation to the Hardy-Hampshire County family. Henry Peterson was reported to have come to Lewis County in 1816 from Cumberland, MD; this may be accurate, and there may not have any relationship between William and Henry. 
Peterson, William (I4552)
33 (Research):

Corrected Pedigrees by Jeff Carr

Bennetts. Over the years, a variety of mistakes have been passed along about the Bennett family. One of the more persistent ones comes from The Holt-Bennett Family History (1974). This book refers largely to the Holt family and a few other of the author's related families. Only thirty pages of it refer to the Bennetts, and those trace the descendants of William and Rebecca (McCauley) Bennett. Of this, one paragraph recounts the Bennett ancestry of William Bennett. It reports that Joseph Bennett Sr. of Pendleton County was the son of a William Bennett who was born in England in 1668, and that William married Elizabeth Lee. They supposedly had a son, Joseph, who was born in 1695 in New Jersey, married a Mary Vernon, and died in 1767; this is supposed to be our Joseph Sr. No evidence or references to support corroborate these are given; this, of course, makes it totally unreliable. The last bit about Joseph is completely refutable; it is incredibly unlikely that he was born in 1695, had kids in the 1745-68 range, and was living as late as 1804 in Harrison County. We know that Joseph Bennett Sr. did not die in 1767. However, once again, some researchers have uncritically added these purported ancestors to their charts without verification. While those people (William and Elizabeth, Joseph of 1695, and Mary Vernon) may have existed, no one has yet offered any documentable evidence, or connected them to our Pendleton County family.

The late Mary Harter did extensive research on the Bennett family, and sold manuscripts of her research in the late 1970's. Since that time, several of us have continued to research this family and the progress has been slow. At present, our research has taken us only as far back as Joseph Sr., and then not always definitively. Another Bennett mistake that has continued to have a seemingly immortal life of it's own came from The Henckel Genealogy, and The Henckel Genealogical Bulletin. Without going into the myriad of details, the wife of Joseph Bennett Jr. was given as Hannah Elsworth. This has been refuted and corrected in both The Henckel Bulletin and this journal, and in much correspondence by those who continue to advance the research on the Bennett family. However, some researchers continue to carry the Elsworth name on their sheets; it should be removed. Evidence has been reviewed that suggests that Hannah's maiden name may have been Starnes. Corroborating public-record evidence of this, and her parentage have yet to be found.
Bennett, Joseph Sr. (I4573)
34 (Research):

Full Name: Justin Wade Zvonaric
Born: 25th June 1956
Passed Away: 28th December 2013
Age: 57 years of age
Location: Beaver Dam, Arizona
Father: George Howard Zvonaric
Mother: Wanema June Cunningham
Birth Place: Clarksburg, West Virginia
Children: Shannon A. Zvonaric
Siblings: Crystal Barlow, Dana Zvonaric, David Zvonaric, Millicent Ruiz
Occupation: Auto Mechanic
High School: West High School, SLC, Utah (1974)

Survived By: Mr. Richard Lowell (Wanema June) Thomas, Step-father/mother; Crystal Barlow, sister; Dana & David Zvonaric, twin brothers; Millicent Ruiz, Sister; Steven (Gina Linda) Steffey, Angela Steffey, Jessie Ruiz, Nephews/Neice; Dillan, Damian Steffey, Kayci Ruiz, Great Neice/Nephews; Shannon A. Zvonaric (Dianna L. Zvonaric), Daughter/divorced wife; and many close family friends. 
Zvonaric, Justin Wade (I25407)
35 (Research):It seems likely that David H. Forinash is the illegitimate son of Parthena Forinash, although all records list John and Anna (Parker) Forinash as his parents. Forinash, David H. (I30662)
36 (Research):Jaime and Brittney Oliveira are stepdaughters of Elyse. Troitino, Elyse Maria "Bonnie" (I47762)
37 (Research):Lewis had a sawmill set up at Marfrance, Pollock Knob and at Meadow Bluff. Phipps, Lewis Russell (Edward) Sr. (I14652)
38 (Research):One of the famous "Jersey Blues" commanded by Colonel Schuyler during the revolution.

Ezekiel Crane was taken prisoner at Oswego, New York, by the French and Indians and died in Canada. 
Crane, Ezekiel (I41012)
39 (Research):Possibly Elizabeth Lewis, daughter of Andrew & Mary (Forinash) Lewis. Charles & Louisa Forinash are found living with Marcellus Lewis & family in the 1860 Upshur Co., VA Census. ?, Elizabeth Louisa (I4419)
40 (Research):Robert A. Hunter was an illegitimate child. According to my grandfather, Bob was the son of "a Hayslett." When asked about a first name, I was given "John Hayslett... maybe." After looking at records, I found that John Franklin Hayslett would have been about 16 at the time of Robert A. Hunter's conception - not impossible, but highly improbable. I then thought Bob's father to be George Hayslett, father of the aforementioned John F. However, this too seems somewhat improbable - I have no record of George Hayslett in Greenbrier Co. Which brought me to my next theory - Robert B. Hunter's father was Robert Bradley Hayslett - the oldest son of George Hayslett. At the time of Bob's conception, he would have been about 21 years old. I have no record of Robert B. Hayslett in Greenbrier Co., much like his father. This would fit the other story I was told by my grandfather - Bob Hunter's father was murdered (as Grandpa put it, "they (who they were was never specified) took the sonuvabitch out in the woods, made him dig a big hole, shot him, shot his horse, and buried both on the spot." The similarity in the names of alleged father and son would also seem to be a link as Robert is not a name found in either the Hunter or Kelly families. I have since discovered that Robert Bradley Hayslett remained in Rockbridge Co. where he was married and had a family. Which led to my final theory - Robert B. Hunter is the son of Robert Hayslett, brother of George. Robert Hayslett would have been about 42 at the time of Bob's birth, and died single (no record of his death exists, but it was sometime after 1887 - so much for my grandfather's story). Note: All Hayslett(e)s found in Greenbrier Co. are the descendants of George Hayslett.

According to my grandfather, Roy M. Hunter, his "Granddaddy Bob" was... what was his word... a "sonuvabitch." In no way could he be considered "kind." At some point, as the story goes, Kate left Bob for a period of about a week, running away to Indiana with a Mr. Burns (probably part of the Benjamin F. Burns family from Kieffer). Kate returned home, only to be greeted by her loving husband, gun in hand. Bob took a shot at her, aiming for her head, but missed his mark, only grazing her scalp (and ruining her bonnet). They were divorced shortly thereafter.

Bob was later married to Kate Shawver Crane, inheriting a large number of stepchildren. It was no secret that Bob did not care for the Crane children - they were not properly cared for and at times went hungry. Bob died in 1938 from massive head trauma resulting from having a seizure and falling into a fireplace. My grandfather discovered Bob after the accident, and along with a friend, took him to a doctor in East Rainelle where he was pronounced dead after some time. Foul play for some reason was suspected and Bob's death was investigated. My grandfather was even considered a suspect, but was never arrested. 
Hunter, Robert A. "Bob" (I12856)
41 (Research):Siblings (all born in Cabell Co., WV):

Susan Alice Ruble (1861-1951) m. Daniel I. Riffle - died in Huntington
William Milton Ruble (1867)
Doliver "Doll" Ruble (1868-1948) - died in Bluefield
Martha V. Ruble (1873) m. William W. Workman (Logan)
Mary Ann Ruble (1873) m. James L. Swindell
George Walter Ruble (1876)
Cora Estaline Ruble (1878) m. George Washington Worley 
Ruble, Sarah Emily "Emma" (I15330)
42 10 children Caldwell, Elizabeth "Betty" (I43147)
43 12 children
Blevins, Allen (I43135)
44 1810 Franklin Co., VA Census

Griffith, Jonathan
M: 1 (0-10) 1 (45+)
F: 3 (0-10) 1 (16-25) 1 (45+)

1820 Montgomery Co., VA Census, Blacksburg

Griffith, Jonathan
M: 1 (10-16) 1 (45+)
F: 2 (10-16) 1 (26-45) 1 (45+)

1830 Montgomery Co., VA Census, Blacksburg

Griffith, Jonathan
M: 1 (20-30) 1 (60-70)
F: 1 (20-30) 1 (60-70) 
Griffith, Jonathan (I1904)
45 1810 Nelson Co., VA Census
Solomon Cary, Jr.«tab»m: 1 (0-10)«tab»1 (16-26)
f: 2 (0-10)«tab»1 (26-45)

1820 Nelson Co., VA Census
Solomon Cary, Jr.«tab»m: 1 (26-45)
f: 3 (0-10)«tab»2 (10-16)«tab»«tab»1 (26-45)«tab»«tab»1 (45+)

1830 Greenbrier Co., VA Census
Solomon Cary«tab»m: 1 (40-50)
f: 2 (0-5)«tab»2 (15-20)«tab»«tab»2 (20-30)«tab»«tab»1 (40-50)

1840 Greenbrier Co., VA Census
Solomon Carey«tab»m: 2 (0-5)«tab»1 (5-10)«tab»«tab»1 (50-60)
f: 1 (10-15)«tab»1 (30-40)«tab»«tab»1 (50-60)

1850 Greenbrier Co., VA Census
#994«tab»Salomon Cary«tab»68 M«tab»Farmer«tab»Maryland
Sarah Cary«tab»67 F
Thomas Cary«tab»16 M
Salomon Cary«tab»10 M
Andrew Banner«tab»18 M«tab»Farmer

1860 Nicholas Co., VA Census
#70«tab»Solomon Cary«tab»78 M«tab»Farmer«tab»MD«tab»600 (real estate)«tab»200 (personal estate)
Sallie Cary«tab»77 F«tab»«tab»VA
Hiram Ed«tab»«tab»12 M«tab»«tab»VA

Nicholas Co. DB 1853-1889, Page "C"
Cary, Solomon d. 20 Apr 1869, age: 88, parents: Solomon & Comfort, occ: farmer, cause of death: old age, place of birth: MD, rpt.: Sarah Cary, physician or other: Anderson Scott, son in law

Greenbrier County (W) Va. Deeds & Wills, 1750 - 1833 by Shuck, p. 193
Will Book 1, pp. 828-31
16 Sep 1830
Appears on sale bill of Thomas Feamster

Nelson Co.,VA Deed Grantor Index
8/27/1821 Cary, Solomon & Sally to Critzer, John bk 4 pg 166
5/7/1825 Cary, Solomon & Sally to Critzer, John bk 5 pg 288 
Cary, Solomon Jr. (I24764)
46 1820 Grayson Co., VA Census, p. 66
Amos Worrell m: 3 (0-10) 1 (10-16) 1 (16-18) 2 (16-26) 1 (45+)
f: 1 (0-10) 2 (10-16) 1 (45+)

1830 Grayson Co., VA Census, p. 285
Amos Worrel m: 1 (5-10) 2 (10-15) 2 (15-20) 1 (50-60)
f: 2 (0-5) 1 (5-10) 1 (20-30) 1 (30-40)

1840 Grayson Co., VA Census
Eastern Dist., p. 291
Amos Worrell m: 2 (5-10) 1 (10-15) 1 (15-20) 1 (60-70)
f: 2 (5-10) 2 (10-15) 2 (15-20) 1 (30-40)

1850 Carroll Co., VA Census
11th Dist., 7 Aug 1850, p. 333

221/221 Amos Worrell, Sr. 77 M Farmer $500 PA (cannot read or write)
Polly Worrell 59 F VA
Joseph " 17 M Farmer VA
Jonathan " 15 M Farmer VA
Maradith " 6 M VA

1860 Carroll Co., VA Census
Hillsville P.O., 20 July 1860, p. 305

258/259 Jonathan Worrell 25 M Farmer $600/267 VA (cannot read or write)
Amos " 90 M Farmer VA (cannot read or write)
Polly " 67 F N. Carolina (cannot read or write)
Meredith " 15 M Farm Laborer VA
Esau " 5 M VA
Worrell, Amos Sr. (I26027)
47 1820 Monroe Co., VA Census

Eleanor Calloway M: «tab»1 (26-45)
F: «tab»1 (0-10) 1 (16-26) 1 (45+)
Boyd, Eleanor (I3123)
48 1830 Montgomery Co., VA Census: M«tab»1 (0-5yr) «tab»1 (5-10yr)«tab» 1 (20-30yr)
(Page 71)«tab»«tab»«tab» F«tab» «tab»1 (5-10yr)«tab» 1 (20-30yr)

1840 Pulaski Co., VA Census: M «tab»1 (5-10yr)«tab» 1 (10-15yr) 1 (15-20yr) 1 (30-40yr)
(Page 195)«tab»«tab» F«tab» «tab» 1 (10-15yr) 1 (30-40yr)

1850 Pulaski Co., VA Census
48th District - 27 July 1850 (Page 232)

149/154«tab»James Haley«tab»45 M«tab»Farmer«tab» VA
Hannah Haley«tab»50 F«tab»«tab» "
Joseph T. Haley«tab»18 M«tab»Laborer«tab» "
James A. "«tab»16 M«tab»«tab» "
Virgil A. "«tab» 9 M«tab»«tab» "
John Carmichael«tab»27 M«tab»S. Teacher "

1870 Lee Co., VA Census
Jonesville Township - 5 July 1870 (Page 250)

69/69«tab»Haley, James«tab»65 M«tab»Works on Farm«tab»$100«tab»Charlott Co., VA«tab» (cannot read/write)
" , Hannah«tab»70 F«tab»Keeping Home«tab»«tab»Montgomery Co., VA (cannot read/write)

1880 Lee Co., VA Census
Jonesville, ED #41, SD #5, p. 15 (Page 197)
5 June 1880

120/122 Collens, Henley C. W M 56 Farmer VA VA VA
--------, Nancy J. W F 51 wife Keeping House VA VA VA
--------, Missouria V W F 14 daughter At Home VA VA VA
Haley, James W M 77 father No Occupation VA VA VA (widower)
Haley, James (I17087)
49 1850 Braxton Co., VA Census
Dist. No. 4, 19 Aug 1850, p. 184

144/144 «tab»William G. Squires«tab» 26 M«tab»Farmer«tab»$1000
Maria«tab»«tab» 23 F
Sarah E.«tab»«tab» 4 F
Margaret C.«tab» 1 F

1860 Braxton Co., VA Census
Braxton C.H. P.O., 6 July 1860, p. 380

240/232«tab»William Squires«tab»35 M«tab»Farmer«tab»$1500/$400 Virginia
Maria J. «tab» "«tab»34 F«tab»«tab»«tab» "
Sarah "«tab»14 F«tab»«tab»«tab» "«tab»«tab»(attended school)
Margaret C. "«tab»12 F«tab»«tab»«tab» "
Mary "«tab» 8 F«tab»«tab»«tab» "
Amanda L. "«tab» 2 F«tab»«tab»«tab» "
John M. «tab» " 7/12 M«tab»«tab»«tab» "

1870 Braxton Co., WV Census
Clay Twsp., Salt Lick Bridge P.O.
20 July 1870, p. 389

31/31«tab»Squires, William G.«tab» 45 M W Farming«tab» $1400/$1070«tab»Virginia
" , Mariah J.«tab» 43 F W«tab» Keeping House«tab»«tab»«tab» "
" , Amanda L.«tab» 13 F W«tab» At Home«tab»«tab»«tab» "
" , John M.«tab» 10 M W " "«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab» "
" , Amelia E. 8 F W " "«tab»«tab»«tab» "
" , Susan M.«tab» 6 F W " "«tab»«tab»«tab»West Va.
McCoy, Charles 14 M W Farming«tab»«tab»«tab»Virginia

1880 Braxton Co., WV Census
Salt Lick Dist., 30 June 1880, p. 487B

252/251«tab»Squires, W. G.«tab» 55 W M Head M Farmer«tab» WV VA VA «tab»(Bilious Colic - Disabled?)
------------, Maria J.«tab» 53 W F Wife M Keeping House«tab» WV WV WV
------------, John M.«tab» 20 W M Son S Works on Farm WV WV WV
------------, Amelia E. 18 W F Dau S At Home«tab» WV WV WV
------------, Susan M.«tab» 16 W F Dau S At Home«tab» WV WV WV

1900 Braxton Co., WV Census
Salt Lick Dist., 5 June 1900, p. 158

62/63 Squires, William G.«tab»Head/R«tab» W M May 1825 75 M (54yr) WV WV WV (Owns Farm)
------------, Mariah«tab»Wife«tab» W F Apr 1827 73 M (54yr) WV WV WV (10 ch, 4 living)
Blagg, Mary M.«tab»Gnd-Dau«tab» W F Dec 1881 18 S«tab» WV WV WV

Braxton County, West Virginia, Will Book 4, pp. 309 - 310

Wm. G. Squires Will,
«tab»I William G. Squires of Braxton County and State of West Virginia being of sound and disposing mind and memory Do make publish and declare this to be my last will and testament, hereby revoking all former wills by me at any time heretofore made.
«u»First«/u» my will is that all my just debts and funeral expenses shall by my executor hereinafter named be paid out of my estate as soon after my decease as shall by them be found convenient.
«u»Second«/u», I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife Maria J. all my personal property for her to dispose of during her natural life also I give to beloved wife Maria J. all my land enclosed on the farm I now live upon to have and to hold during her natural life. «u»Third«/u» I give devise and bequeath to my beloved son John M. Squires and his heirs at the death of his mother, Maria J. Squires, all of the above named land, embraced in the farm I now live upon, and also included in or with the home farm, as above spoken of, which is estimated by deed to me by Asa Squires, bearing date 22«sup»d«/sup» day of October 1867 to contain one hundred and fifty acres more or less, also the tract or piece of land deeded to me by Thomas H. Squires, bearing date the 26«sup»th«/sup» day of September 1887, and containing eight acres (8) and furthermore to my son John M. and his heirs, I give devise and bequeath the following tracts or parcels of land to wit: One tract to me by deed from David H. Bright, bearing date the 8«sup»th«/sup» day Feb. 1861, Fifteen acres more or less, also one other tract of land, to me by deed from Nathaniel Burrough and Wife, bearing date the 3«sup»d«/sup» day of March 1862, and containing 12 acres and 125 poles. Also one other tract of land to me by deed from John L. Rhea, Admin. Of William Hutchison dec'd, bearing date the 8 day of October 1867, containing seventy five acres. All of the above named tracts or parcels of land together with one other tract on the waters of Bickles Fork a tributary of Salt Lick Creek and containing fifty acres, more or less, it being the residue of one hundred and forty acres deeded to me by Asa Squires to go to and for the use of my son John M. Squires, and his heirs, at the death of my beloved wife Maria J. Squires conditioned as follows time. Three years after the death of my wife, or sooner if convenient, my son John M. Squires shall pay or caused to be paid, as part of my estate which is embraced in the above named tracts or parcels of land and as a residue in full for what I intend for my other children and their heirs. First to my beloved Daughter Margaret C. $210.00. Second, to my beloved Daughter Mary L. $210.00. Third to my beloved Daughter Susan M. $210.00. Fourth, to the three (3) heirs of my daughter deceased Amanda L. to each $53.33 1/3 total $160.00.
Fifth to the two heirs of my Daughter Sarah E., dec'd, to wit Henry H. Blagg $53.33 1/3 Also Mary M. Blagg $166.66 2/3 Total $1010.00 [sic]. Also to the heir of my Daughter Amelia E., dec'd, pay $5.00 five dollars as a balance of his said A. McCoy Mothers share.
«tab»One thousand and fifteen dollars is the $1015.00 sum total to be paid by John M. Squires as indicated by the above figures, and as willed by me in this my last will and testament. Should any one of my heirs attempt by suit at law to brake [sic] this my last will, that they are hereby declared as being disinherited by me from any portion of my Estate Whatever, and having now made that disposition of my property, both personal and real as to me seemeth right and proper, I do appoint my beloved wife Maria J. and John M. Squires to be the Executors of this my last will and testament. In Witness whereof I the said William G. Squires have to this my last will and testament subscribed my name and affixed my seal this 13«sup»th«/sup» day of March 1901.«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»W. G. Squires (seal)

Signed sealed published and declared by the said William G. Squires as and for his last will and testament, in the presents [sic] of us, who at his request, and in his presents [sic] in the presents [sic] of each other, have subscribed our names, as witnesses thereto.
«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»D. S. Squires
«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»Asa Squires

State of West Virginia,
«tab»«tab»Braxton County Court Clerks office Apr 22«sup»d«/sup» 1901. The foregoing will was this day presented in said office and proved by the oaths of D. S. Squires, and Asa Squires, the subscribing witnesses thereto, and admitted to probate.
«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»Teste: C. K. Newlon, Clerk
Squires, William Granville (I6474)
50 1850 Braxton Co., VA Census
Dist. No. 4, 19 Aug 1850, p. 184

145/145 «tab»Asa Squires«tab»65 M«tab»Farmer«tab»$5000
Sarah«tab»«tab»64 F«tab»«tab»«tab»Maryland
Daniel G.«tab»«tab»22 M«tab»Farmer«tab»«tab»Virginia
Asa McCoy«tab»20 M«tab»Farmer
John Ecord«tab»14 M«tab»Laborer
Michael Bush«tab»21 M«tab»Laborer«tab»$1000
Sarah A. Singleton«tab»19 F

1860 Braxton Co., VA Census
Braxton C.H. P.O., 26 July 1860, p. 417

462/450«tab»Asa Squires«tab»76 M«tab»Farmer«tab»$10000/$5000 «tab»Virginia
Sarah "«tab»«tab»75 F«tab»«tab»«tab» «tab»Maryland
Stephen "«tab»33 M«tab»«tab»«tab» «tab»Virginia
Elizabeth "«tab»29 F«tab»«tab»«tab» «tab» "
Olen Burr "«tab» 4 M«tab»«tab»«tab» «tab» "
Franklin McCoy«tab»22 M«tab»«tab»«tab» «tab» " 
Squires, Asa (I6502)

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