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a history of the Crane, McClung, Walkup, and allied families

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Kieffer, Greenbrier Co., WV


Latitude: 37.9390527777778, Longitude: -80.6214680555556


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bryant, Jesse Bryan  3 Aug 1897Kieffer, Greenbrier Co., WV I15140
2 Burns, James  23 Sep 1919Kieffer, Greenbrier Co., WV I21859
3 Burns, Mary Ethel  15 May 1913Kieffer, Greenbrier Co., WV I21856
4 Burns, Mary Ruth  2 Jul 1922Kieffer, Greenbrier Co., WV I22422
5 Burns, William F.  12 Oct 1916Kieffer, Greenbrier Co., WV I21857
6 Burns, William Harold  18 Sep 1913Kieffer, Greenbrier Co., WV I22412
7 Callison, Charles K. Sr.  1 Aug 1871Kieffer, Greenbrier Co., WV I13795
8 Crane, Bessie Jane  2 Aug 1885Kieffer, Greenbrier Co., WV I17184
9 Crane, Charles William   I14291
10 Crane, Dalvey W.  6 Mar 1907Kieffer, Greenbrier Co., WV I14242
11 Crane, Denzel  1 Oct 1909Kieffer, Greenbrier Co., WV I14243
12 Crane, Lena Lucille   I14292
13 Crane, Loman Lewis  12 Feb 1905Kieffer, Greenbrier Co., WV I17261
14 Crane, Lorena Catherine   I14290
15 Crane, Lowell Dermont  12 Mar 1913Kieffer, Greenbrier Co., WV I14245
16 Crane, Mattie Walker "Nannie"  19 Jul 1898Kieffer, Greenbrier Co., WV I17228
17 Crane, Talma J.  2 Sep 1904Kieffer, Greenbrier Co., WV I14240
18 Crookshanks, Ernest Russell  28 Jun 1893Kieffer, Greenbrier Co., WV I18701
19 Crookshanks, Margie Lee  12 Feb 1920Kieffer, Greenbrier Co., WV I8577
20 Crookshanks, Mildred Loretta  23 Apr 1917Kieffer, Greenbrier Co., WV I7600
21 Deitz, Archibald W.  21 Mar 1868Kieffer, Greenbrier Co., WV I130
22 Deitz, Edith Frances  27 Apr 1902Kieffer, Greenbrier Co., WV I22329
23 Deitz, Hamilton Theodore  13 May 1869Kieffer, Greenbrier Co., WV I21876
24 Deitz, Isaac Newton  25 Jan 1887Kieffer, Greenbrier Co., WV I21885
25 Deitz, Joseph Edward "Joe"  8 Oct 1909Kieffer, Greenbrier Co., WV I19124
26 Deitz, Wittley James "Witt"  30 Sep 1913Kieffer, Greenbrier Co., WV I8634
27 Fisher, Dale R.  21 Sep 1906Kieffer, Greenbrier Co., WV I19102
28 Fisher, Ollie Maudest  3 May 1902Kieffer, Greenbrier Co., WV I19101
29 Fisher, Onslow W.  26 Jul 1910Kieffer, Greenbrier Co., WV I19103
30 Fisher, Ozetta Moleta Franklin  15 Jun 1915Kieffer, Greenbrier Co., WV I19106
31 Fisher, Robert Preston Jr.  4 Aug 1874Kieffer, Greenbrier Co., WV I19100
32 Fisher, Walter  15 Jun 1915Kieffer, Greenbrier Co., WV I19105
33 Flanagan, Charles Wilbur  24 Feb 1910Kieffer, Greenbrier Co., WV I1061
34 Hawkins, Charles Powell  21 Jan 1897Kieffer, Greenbrier Co., WV I41438
35 Hawkins, Charles Rodney  23 May 1929Kieffer, Greenbrier Co., WV I18882
36 Hawkins, Edward Rockford "Rock"  11 Aug 1893Kieffer, Greenbrier Co., WV I18469
37 Hayslette, Cora E.  Nov 1876Kieffer, Greenbrier Co., WV I14474
38 Hayslette, Edgar A.  14 Aug 1904Kieffer, Greenbrier Co., WV I19830
39 Hayslette, Elden A.  16 Sep 1925Kieffer, Greenbrier Co., WV I19114
40 Hayslette, George Henry  29 Jan 1888Kieffer, Greenbrier Co., WV I19795
41 Hayslette, Hayward Clayton  26 Aug 1929Kieffer, Greenbrier Co., WV I19115
42 Hayslette, Madeline  16 Jun 1920Kieffer, Greenbrier Co., WV I19113
43 Heaster, Alice Nannie  29 May 1914Kieffer, Greenbrier Co., WV I17927
44 Heaster, Benjamin Franklin "Frank"  6 Feb 1909Kieffer, Greenbrier Co., WV I17916
45 Heaster, Betty Ann  21 May 1916Kieffer, Greenbrier Co., WV I17938
46 Heaster, Emmett Lawrence  26 May 1897Kieffer, Greenbrier Co., WV I17861
47 Heaster, Mary Ada  31 Jul 1906Kieffer, Greenbrier Co., WV I17905
48 Heaster, McVeigh Lewellyn Sr.  24 Mar 1900Kieffer, Greenbrier Co., WV I14276
49 Heaster, Monroe Charles  9 Jun 1914Kieffer, Greenbrier Co., WV I14278
50 Heaster, Montie Levaun  28 Nov 1922Kieffer, Greenbrier Co., WV I14279

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Burns, Andrew  30 May 1867Kieffer, Greenbrier Co., WV I20215
2 Burns, Catherine Percilla  17 Oct 1944Kieffer, Greenbrier Co., WV I21559
3 Crane, Alvira  23 Nov 1900Kieffer, Greenbrier Co., WV I16773
4 Crane, Joseph Stephen "Joe" Sr.  3 Mar 1903Kieffer, Greenbrier Co., WV I19955
5 Crane, May Tresia  13 Aug 1993Kieffer, Greenbrier Co., WV I14237
6 Crane, William Samuel "Bill"  4 Oct 1905Kieffer, Greenbrier Co., WV I16784
7 Crane, William Starr  28 Oct 1933Kieffer, Greenbrier Co., WV I20043
8 Deitz, Isaac Newton  16 Oct 1967Kieffer, Greenbrier Co., WV I21885
9 Deitz, Ollie D.  24 Sep 1951Kieffer, Greenbrier Co., WV I21879
10 Hanna, Bernice Lee  24 Jun 2011Kieffer, Greenbrier Co., WV I22259
11 Hayslett, Robert B.  Feb 1891Kieffer, Greenbrier Co., WV I23929
12 Hayslette, Lacy Nelson  23 Mar 1920Kieffer, Greenbrier Co., WV I14541
13 Heaster, Alpheus Burdette  22 Sep 1949Kieffer, Greenbrier Co., WV I14275
14 Heaster, Charles Bivens  27 Feb 1930Kieffer, Greenbrier Co., WV I21886
15 Heaster, John Walter Sr.  21 Jun 1972Kieffer, Greenbrier Co., WV I22217
16 Heaster, Ollie Dell  13 Feb 1920Kieffer, Greenbrier Co., WV I17872
17 Hunter, Donna Gay  10 Oct 1959Kieffer, Greenbrier Co., WV I36268
18 Hunter, Granville Charles  26 Sep 2006Kieffer, Greenbrier Co., WV I8155
19 Hunter, Infant  5 Dec 1931Kieffer, Greenbrier Co., WV I6602
20 Hunter, Lemomia Ann  3 Feb 1936Kieffer, Greenbrier Co., WV I6933
21 McClung, Elsie L.  8 Feb 1948Kieffer, Greenbrier Co., WV I27012
22 McClung, Isabelle Jane  6 Jun 1940Kieffer, Greenbrier Co., WV I17594
23 McClung, Mary Catherine "Katy"  5 Jan 1898Kieffer, Greenbrier Co., WV I1542
24 O'Dell, Mary  Mar 1977Kieffer, Greenbrier Co., WV I30234
25 Price, Charles Etley Jr.  10 Mar 1929Kieffer, Greenbrier Co., WV I13170
26 Remley, David Steward  12 Jun 1930Kieffer, Greenbrier Co., WV I20360
27 Remley, Joseph Restie  30 Apr 1936Kieffer, Greenbrier Co., WV I15800
28 Remley, Mandaris A.  24 Feb 1937Kieffer, Greenbrier Co., WV I15803
29 Suttle, Harold  Dec 1977Kieffer, Greenbrier Co., WV I18822
30 Walkup, Infant  19 Dec 1911Kieffer, Greenbrier Co., WV I13621
31 Walkup, Isabella Rebecca  22 Feb 1933Kieffer, Greenbrier Co., WV I14473
32 Walkup, James Donnie  13 Jan 1916Kieffer, Greenbrier Co., WV I13400
33 Walkup, Thomas Harvey "Harve"  3 Jun 1939Kieffer, Greenbrier Co., WV I14478
34 Walkup, Thomas Wesley  29 Jul 1903Kieffer, Greenbrier Co., WV I14462
35 Williams, Velma Mabel "Peggy"  12 Jan 2003Kieffer, Greenbrier Co., WV I21989


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Burns, Andrew  Kieffer, Greenbrier Co., WV I20215
2 Crane, Jessie Ray  13 Apr 1930Kieffer, Greenbrier Co., WV I14263
3 McClung, Isabelle Jane  8 Jun 1940Kieffer, Greenbrier Co., WV I17594
4 Surbaugh, Catharine  Kieffer, Greenbrier Co., WV I21552


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Hunter, Jennings Ray  2 Jan 1920Kieffer, Greenbrier Co., WV I5399
2 Hunter, Robert A. "Bob"  2 Jan 1920Kieffer, Greenbrier Co., WV I12856
3 Kelly, Sarah Jane  2 Jan 1920Kieffer, Greenbrier Co., WV I14563


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bennett / Deitz   F3231
2 Edens / Walkup   F5530
3 Hanson / Hedrick   F3098
4 Hayslette / Hughart  4 Feb 1920Kieffer, Greenbrier Co., WV F6384
5 Heaster / Crane  17 May 1899Kieffer, Greenbrier Co., WV F6264
6 Heaster / McClung  9 Dec 1896Kieffer, Greenbrier Co., WV F7296
7 Hunter / Lange   F3406
8 Sayre / Deitz   F7795
9 Summerfield / Hunter   F2908
10 Suttle / McClung  23 Oct 1927Kieffer, Greenbrier Co., WV F8004
11 Taylor / McClung   F7029
12 Tharp / Cooper   F13687

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