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a history of the Crane, McClung, Walkup, and allied families

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Hinton, Summers Co., WV


Latitude: 37.67486, Longitude: -80.88828


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Akers, Benjamin Harold  27 Nov 1968Hinton, Summers Co., WV I48032
2 Akers, Randall L. "Randy"  27 Mar 1957Hinton, Summers Co., WV I48086
3 Akers, Robert Edward  17 May 1889Hinton, Summers Co., WV I47896
4 Akers, Robin D.  27 Oct 1970Hinton, Summers Co., WV I48030
5 Backus, Jr. Dwight P.   I20568
6 Ballengee, Melissa Jean   I18779
7 Bartgis, Linda Carol   I8067
8 Blagg, Herbert Lee "Herbie"   I21716
9 Blagg, James Corty "Jimmy" Jr.   I21382
10 Blagg, Lora Ann "Lorrie"   I21827
11 Britt, Cora Mae  13 Jul 1901Hinton, Summers Co., WV I19463
12 Britt, Frank G.  26 Oct 1891Hinton, Summers Co., WV I19430
13 Britt, Fred Paul  6 Jan 1896Hinton, Summers Co., WV I19441
14 Britt, Walter Winford  12 Mar 1887Hinton, Summers Co., WV I19408
15 Brown, Shirley Susan  20 Sep 1960Hinton, Summers Co., WV I24078
16 Buckland, Essie Amy  7 May 1907Hinton, Summers Co., WV I31777
17 Canfield, Virgil H. II  21 Jul 1950Hinton, Summers Co., WV I37969
18 Clay, Jodie Lynn   I3702
19 Crane, Larry Dean   I18225
20 Davis, Jessie May  16 Feb 1903Hinton, Summers Co., WV I16540
21 Forbes, Patricia Gail   I12576
22 Haley, Virginia Ellen  22 Jul 1892Hinton, Summers Co., WV I14663
23 Hunter, Terrie Faye   I7011
24 Kincaid, Edd  1903Hinton, Summers Co., WV I39393
25 Lane, Bobby Darrell "Bob" Jr.   I18627
26 Marshall, Ann  22 Mar 1940Hinton, Summers Co., WV I17998
27 Martin, Ruth Naomi  28 Jul 1912Hinton, Summers Co., WV I36897
28 McClung, Alpheus Brooks  5 Feb 1880Hinton, Summers Co., WV I28695
29 McClung, Leslie Justin   I22067
30 McClung, Rita Sue   I22045
31 McClung, Samuel Kyle  18 Aug 1878Hinton, Summers Co., WV I28694
32 McClung, Thomas D. "Cookie"  23 Feb 1955Hinton, Summers Co., WV I5216
33 Meadows, Alvin Clayton  12 Sep 1925Hinton, Summers Co., WV I16764
34 Meadows, Phillip Leon  13 Apr 1971Hinton, Summers Co., WV I48036
35 Muncy, Brammer Burk  14 Sep 1893Hinton, Summers Co., WV I33136
36 O'Dell, Harry William "Bill" Sr.  1929Hinton, Summers Co., WV I37623
37 Peterfish, Karl Christian  5 Oct 1898Hinton, Summers Co., WV I12743
38 Petrey, Clyde Frank  10 May 1889Hinton, Summers Co., WV I3125
39 Pomeroy, Darrell Wayne  9 Jul 1949Hinton, Summers Co., WV I32864
40 Thomas, Joyce Ann   I18267
41 Walkup, Bobby Ann  28 Jun 1945Hinton, Summers Co., WV I49283
42 Walkup, Marshall Lynn   I8078
43 Walkup, Rushell Rae   I8089
44 West, Christopher Litchfield  13 Jan 1876Hinton, Summers Co., WV I19351
45 Wicker, Mary  26 Dec 1904Hinton, Summers Co., WV I16658
46 Williams, David L.  27 Jun 1891Hinton, Summers Co., WV I14846
47 Williams, Martin F.  14 Sep 1888Hinton, Summers Co., WV I14845
48 Wiseman, Roy Edgar  25 Feb 1944Hinton, Summers Co., WV I41330
49 Yoakum, Sr. David Roland   I17679


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Arnold, Joshua Harris "Josh"  19 Oct 1991Hinton, Summers Co., WV I28472
2 Arnold, Peter Paris "Pete"  2 Nov 1991Hinton, Summers Co., WV I28473
3 Blagg, William Ivy "Bill" Sr.  11 Jan 1989Hinton, Summers Co., WV I15407
4 Cadle, Girtha Belle  1 Feb 1980Hinton, Summers Co., WV I15024
5 Cadle, Joseph C.  16 May 1987Hinton, Summers Co., WV I32627
6 Campbell, Nina Ethel  27 Aug 1968Hinton, Summers Co., WV I3280
7 Canfield, Virgil H. II  21 Jul 1950Hinton, Summers Co., WV I37969
8 Carson, Virginia Ann "Jennie"  9 Apr 1974Hinton, Summers Co., WV I14783
9 Carson, Walter Berman  Nov 1968Hinton, Summers Co., WV I14782
10 Carson, Weldon Leif  15 Aug 1987Hinton, Summers Co., WV I16596
11 Cook, Lessie Mae  May 1989Hinton, Summers Co., WV I32109
12 Crane, Billy Warden  2 Jan 1984Hinton, Summers Co., WV I17250
13 Hunter, Garner Ray  22 Feb 1938Hinton, Summers Co., WV I13079
14 Hunter, Paul R.  18 Mar 1977Hinton, Summers Co., WV I26504
15 Keffer, Samuel A.  Jul 1956Hinton, Summers Co., WV I16627
16 Lambert, James Benson "Ben"  14 Jan 1978Hinton, Summers Co., WV I35304
17 Lilly, Aubrey  7 Jan 1987Hinton, Summers Co., WV I36239
18 Martin, James Ralph "Buddy" Sr.  28 May 1972Hinton, Summers Co., WV I17175
19 McClung, Alvah Hovey  6 May 1934Hinton, Summers Co., WV I30787
20 McClung, Cora Irene  2 Nov 1987Hinton, Summers Co., WV I17639
21 McClung, Delmus John  8 Jun 1998Hinton, Summers Co., WV I30888
22 McClung, Henry Gordon  1 May 1974Hinton, Summers Co., WV I13138
23 McClung, Robert Lee  8 Oct 1935Hinton, Summers Co., WV I21677
24 McClung, Rockford L.  2 Apr 2001Hinton, Summers Co., WV I27385
25 McCutcheon, Lenora Jane  23 Oct 1941Hinton, Summers Co., WV I17282
26 Meador, Clara E.  27 Jan 1916Hinton, Summers Co., WV I3124
27 O'Dell, Sarah Ann  3 Apr 1923Hinton, Summers Co., WV I18285
28 Osborne, John Solomon  11 Sep 1950Hinton, Summers Co., WV I37913
29 Petrey, Acel Crockett  9 Nov 1981Hinton, Summers Co., WV I23083
30 Petrey, Sr. Basil Oliver Sr.  12 Jun 1978Hinton, Summers Co., WV I3127
31 Petrey, Burl  15 Apr 1988Hinton, Summers Co., WV I23000
32 Petrey, Ida Bird  19 Mar 1965Hinton, Summers Co., WV I22998
33 Petrey, Lorene  10 Apr 1956Hinton, Summers Co., WV I3281
34 Petrey, Nathan Ray  30 Mar 1959Hinton, Summers Co., WV I23042
35 Petrey, Ward M.  10 Jul 1934Hinton, Summers Co., WV I3113
36 Phipps, Emmette Elias  8 Apr 1944Hinton, Summers Co., WV I34127
37 Phipps, Everette Oneal I  24 Jul 2011Hinton, Summers Co., WV I41475
38 Remley, Dallas Edward  13 May 1986Hinton, Summers Co., WV I8500
39 Rodes, Thomas Guthrie  11 Sep 1977Hinton, Summers Co., WV I35080
40 Rollyson, Allen N. "Patrick"  3 Nov 1930Hinton, Summers Co., WV I14699
41 Rollyson, Prince Edward  30 Sep 1963Hinton, Summers Co., WV I14810
42 Shawver, Sylvia Mary  19 Feb 1987Hinton, Summers Co., WV I35736
43 Simmons, Rosa Emma  21 May 1922Hinton, Summers Co., WV I14814
44 Smith, Inez Elizabeth  20 Sep 1958Hinton, Summers Co., WV I23918
45 Smith, Winnie Aldene  24 Jan 1944Hinton, Summers Co., WV I38713
46 Tincher, John Forrest Sr.  6 May 1987Hinton, Summers Co., WV I35755
47 Vandal, Clay Greenfield  23 Nov 1942Hinton, Summers Co., WV I15929
48 Walker, Carlos Julian Jr.  6 Sep 1986Hinton, Summers Co., WV I17438
49 Walkup, Robert Alexander "Bob"  12 Oct 1970Hinton, Summers Co., WV I16894
50 Walkup, Willie Elmer  18 Oct 1967Hinton, Summers Co., WV I15674

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Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Blackwell / Worrell  12 Sep 1895Hinton, Summers Co., WV F10076
2 Hays / Williams  12 Oct 1898Hinton, Summers Co., WV F6448
3 Hutchinson / Loving  27 Sep 1910Hinton, Summers Co., WV F7756
4 King / Ruble  12 Jun 1889Hinton, Summers Co., WV F6722
5 McClung / Morrison  13 Feb 1932Hinton, Summers Co., WV F10424
6 McClung / Zopp  1 Mar 1922Hinton, Summers Co., WV F2207
7 Rollyson / Carter  4 Feb 1892Hinton, Summers Co., WV F6522
8 Rollyson / Simmons  26 Sep 1892Hinton, Summers Co., WV F6523

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