Meadow Bluff Meanderings

a history of the Crane, McClung, Walkup, and allied families

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51 1850 Braxton Co., VA Census
District 4, 30 Aug 1850, page 199

359/359 John Morrison 46 M Farmer 2,000 Virginia
Mary " 44 F "
James " 19 M " "
Morgan " 16 M " "
Margaret " 14 F "
Hanson " 11 M "
Silas Sams 7 M "
William H. Carr 27 M "

1860 Braxton Co., VA Census
19 June 1860, page 358

103/99 John Morrison 56 M Farmer 10,000 1,405 Virginia
Mary " 54 F "
George H. " 22 M Farmer 250 "
Minerva " 19 F "
Mary E. " 6/12 F "
Silas M. Sands 18 M "

1870 Braxton Co., WV Census
Franklin Twsp., 29 June 1870, page 417B
Perkins Mills P.O.

40/40 Morrison, John 66 M W Farming 4000 460 Virginia
--------------, Dianna S. 43 F W Keeping House "
Bainbridge, Catherine E. 40 F W At Home "

1880 Braxton Co., WV Census
Holly Dist., 18-19 June 1880, page 420B

257/257 Morrison, John W M 76 Head Farmer VA VA VA
-----------, Diannah S. W F 49 Wife Keeping House VA VA VA
Eubank, William A. W M 25 Servant Farms VA VA VA

The West Virginia Heritage Encyclopedia, Volume 3, Chapter III, Page 97
Braxton County: Holly District

JOHN MORRISON - is a son of William and Maria (Perkins) Morrison, the record of whose children has just been given. He was born in Greenbrier county, March 4, 1804, and came to Braxton county in 1824 (the county then included in Nicholas), and commenced farming and clearing land. May 4, 1826, in Nicholas county, John Morrison married Mary Lough, who was born in Pendleton county, (then) Virginia, January 7, 1807. They had six children: Maria J., born April 17, 1827, who lives in Braxton county; William B., born and died in 1829; James M. C., deceased, was born September 13, 1830; Morgan H., December 2, 1832, lives in Kansas; Margaret E., May 12, 1836, lives in Lewis county, this State; George H., October 10, 1838, lives in Kansas. The record of these children is incomplete, because the family record was burned as follows: When the civil war was inaugurated, Mr. Morrison had a fine farm of 300 acres, 150 under cultivation. The "Moccasin Rangers" came to his farm burned his house and all its contents to the ground, leaving not even one bed to sleep on, and drove off his cattle and horses. In the spring of 1862 he enlisted in Company F, 10th Virginia Infantry, and served till the close of the war. June 27, 1865, he was a second time married, Diana Bainbridge becoming his wife. She was born January 19, 1829, in Rockingliam county, Virginia. For more than fifty years, John Morrison has been an active and consistent member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, always ready to promote the interests of the church. He filled the office of constable ten years, was four years deputy sheriff, and then was elected sheriff for two terms of two years each. He has been one term justice of the peace. Newville, Braxton county, West Virginia, is his postoffice address.
Morrison, John (I6731)
52 1850 Carroll Co., VA Census
11th Dist., 31 July 1850, p. 329

173/173 William Dalton, Sr. 61 M Farmer VA (cannot read or write)
Frances 58 F VA (cannot read or write)
Dalton, William Jr. (I26026)
53 1850 Federal Census Record
Roanoke Co., VA
6 Aug 1850, p. 289

John Thrasher 48 M farmer Va.
Miriam " 45 F "
Delila " 18 F "
Frederick " 17 M "
Powel " 14 M "
Robert " 10 M "
Elsy J. " 8 F "
Nancy Griffith 94 F Va. 
?, Nancy "Oney" (I1905)
54 1850 Greenbrier Co., VA Census

1104/1104 George W. Crane«tab» 35 M«tab»Farmer«tab»$700 (real estate)«tab»VA
Jane«tab»«tab» 27 F
Abigail J.«tab» 11 F
Rebecca A.«tab» 10 F
Andrew«tab» 6 M
Allen T.«tab» 2 M
Elizabeth McClung 24 F
S. J. Scuder«tab» 14 F
Crane, George Washington Sr. (I16695)
55 1850 Greenbrier Co., VA Census

734/734«tab»William McClung«tab»45 M«tab»Farmer«tab»$800 (real estate)«tab»VA«tab»(cannot read/write)
Permela McClung«tab»30 F«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»VA«tab»(cannot read/write)
Cyrus A. McClung«tab»13 M«tab»(attended school)«tab»«tab»VA
Maddison McClung«tab»12 M«tab»(attended school)«tab»«tab»VA
Henry H. McClung«tab»11 M«tab»(attended school)«tab»«tab»VA
Mary F. McClung«tab» 6 F«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»VA
Adaline McClung«tab» 4 F«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»VA
Saml. McClung«tab» 1 M«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»VA
Sarah Jones«tab»73 F«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»VA«tab»(cannot read/write)
McClung, William Hinton (I21149)
56 1850 Lewis Co., VA Census

1067/1082 Rebecca Holbert«tab»49«tab»$300
Marshall Plant«tab»18 «tab»Farmer
Elizabeth Holbert«tab»10
Nancy Holbert«tab» 6

1860 Upshur Co., VA Census

497/501«tab»Rebecca Holbert«tab»59 F«tab»Farmer«tab»$250/$150 VA

1880 Lewis Co., WV Census

S. M. Plant Head M W 44 (M) Farmer WV WV WV
Sarah A. Wife F W 26 (M) Keeping House WV IRE ENG
Marshall N. Son M W 7 (S) Son WV WV WV
Rebecca Holbert Moth F W 80 (W) At Home WV WV WV
Washburn, Rebecca (I1110)
57 1850 Mercer Co., VA Census
District 42

111/111«tab»Fielding Williams«tab»31 M«tab»Farmer«tab»Virginia
Nancy«tab»«tab»26 F«tab»«tab» "
Mary A.«tab»«tab» 6 F«tab»«tab» "
Daniel J.«tab»«tab» 4 M«tab»«tab» "
Rebecca J.«tab» 2 F«tab»«tab» "

1870 Mason Co., WV Census
Cologne P.O. (pg. 156)

50/50«tab»Williams, Fielding«tab»50 M«tab»Farmer«tab»«tab»$350 $170«tab»Virginia
Elizabeth«tab»«tab»49 F«tab»Keeping Home«tab»«tab»«tab» "
John«tab»«tab»18 M«tab»Works on Farm«tab»«tab»«tab» "
Alexander«tab» 16 M«tab» " " "«tab»«tab»«tab» "
Rebecca«tab»«tab»25 F«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab» "
Lizzie«tab»«tab»23 F«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab» "
Jennie«tab»«tab»14 F«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab» "
Fielden«tab»«tab»12 M«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab» "

1880 Mason Co., WV Census
Union District (pg. 363)

313/313«tab»Williams, Fielden«tab»62 M«tab»Head«tab»«tab»«tab»WV WV WV«tab»(widower)
Charles«tab»«tab»21 M«tab»Son«tab»Farm Laborer«tab»WV WV WV
Jennie«tab»«tab»18 F«tab»Dau«tab»Keeping House«tab»WV WV WV
Serepta«tab»«tab»14 F«tab»Dau«tab»«tab»«tab»WV WV WV
Fielden«tab»«tab»11 M«tab»Son«tab»«tab»«tab»WV WV WV 
Williams, Fielding Sr. (I14827)
58 1850 Raleigh Co., VA Census

Tyree, Richard«tab»30 M
Priscilla«tab» 31 F
John L.«tab» 3 M
Milisin«tab» 2 F
Richard 1 M
Green, John 2 M
Davis, Susan «tab»69 F
Ann «tab» 16 F 
Meadows, Susannah (I25399)
59 1860 Greenbrier Co., VA Census

496 James A. Crane«tab» 32
Martha A.«tab»«tab»29
Charles E.«tab»«tab» 7
Mary V.«tab»«tab» 5
Truslon«tab»«tab» 3

1880 Greenbrier Co., WV Census
Meadow Bluff District

Crane, Jas. A.«tab»52«tab»MD NJ MD
Martha A.«tab»47 wife«tab»VA VA VA
Charles E.«tab»27 son«tab»VA VA VA
Wm. M.«tab»19 son«tab»VA VA VA
Rose May«tab»16 dau«tab»WV VA VA
Licena«tab»14 dau«tab»WV VA VA
Lorena«tab» 9 dau«tab»WV VA VA
Jas. A.«tab» 6 son«tab»WV VA VA
McClung, Mary«tab»87 mil«tab»VA VA VA

Military Records of Individual Civil War Soldiers

Name: James Amos Crane
Enlistment Date: 11 May 1861
Distinguished Service: DISTINGUISHED SERVICE
Side Served: Confederacy
State Served: Virginia
Service Record: Enlisted as a Private on 11 May 1861

The Greenbrier Independent, Volume XXIV, No. 45, Thursday Evening, April 10, 1890

Death of Mr. James Amos Crane

Mr. James A. Crane died at his home near Big Clear Creek, of "la grippe," on Tuesday, April 1st, aged about 61 years. He came to Greenbrier when quite young from Baltimore, Md. He volunteered in the Greenbrier Sharpshooters of Meadow Bluff district as a private in Capt. Brown's company F., 27th Virginia Regiment, Stonewall Brigade. He was a brother of Capt. Joseph S. Crane, of this place. May he rest in peace.
Crane, James Amos Sr. (I19877)
60 1860 Greenbrier Co., VA Census

686/627 Thos. Walkup 35 M
Elizabeth 30 F
Wallace 7 M
Nancy A. 1 F

1880 Greenbrier Co., WV Federal Census
Meadow Bluff District

Walkup, Thomas 55 VA VA MD
Abigail J. 36 wife VA MD VA
Andrew J. 13 son WV VA VA
George W. 10 son WV VA VA
William M. 8 son WV VA VA
Josephus 2 son WV VA VA
Teice 6 dau WV VA VA 
Walkup, Thomas Vernon (I16817)
61 1860 Greenbrier Co., VA Census

687 Lyman A. Walkup 37 M
Eliza 31 F
Isabella 8 F
Samuel 6 M
Nancy J. 4 F

1880 Greenbrier Co., WV Census
Meadow Bluff District

Walkup, Lyman 57 VA VA MD
Eliza 48 wife VA VA VA
Thos. H. 19 son VA VA VA
Eli P. 17 son VA VA VA
John M. 15 son WV VA VA
Eliza E. 13 dau WV VA VA
Alice 11 dau WV VA VA
Charles E. 9 son WV VA VA
Mary E. 4 dau WV VA VA
Nancy J. 24 dau VA VA VA
Walkup, Lyman Alexander (I21061)
62 1860 Greenbrier Co., VA Census lists Saml. B. Roberts as age 50. He was living between the households of William and Isaac Thompson. Roberts, Samuel B. (I5671)
63 1860 Harrison Co., VA Census
Clarksburg, p. 215

1511/1510 Sarah Washburn 46 F $7480/1520 Maryland
Cyrus " 22 M Farm Laborer Va.
George " 20 M Farm Laborer "
Murrella " 19 F "
Lloyd " 16 M "
Ezra " 14 M "
Minervy J. " 9 F "
Lydia " 8 F "
Albert " 5 M "
Milley " 78 F " 
Roy, Pamelia (Amelia) "Milly" (I4960)
64 1860 Jackson Co., VA Census
Jackson C. H. - 15 June 1860

269/251 Wm. Morrison 81 M Farmer $2000/350 Va.
Eliza Morrison 56 F Va.
Granville Morrison 21 M Va.
M. A. Hickle 9 F Va. 
Morrison, William (I6746)
65 1860 Lee Co., VA Census
Jonesville P.O.

725/746«tab»Baxter Simpkins«tab»32 M«tab»Farmer«tab»«tab»$119 (personal)«tab»Montgumry Co., VA
Lusinda«tab»«tab»32 F«tab»Housekeeper«tab»«tab»«tab»Botatot Co., VA
Luticia A.«tab»«tab» 8 F«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»Montgumry Co., VA
Jas. A. Haley«tab»27 M«tab»Farmer«tab»«tab»$4 (personal)«tab»Pulaskey Co., VA
Eliza J.«tab»«tab»26 F«tab»Housekeeper«tab»«tab»«tab»Montgumry Co., VA
Emily F.«tab»«tab» 4 F«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»Floyd Co., VA
Alonzo A.«tab» 3 M«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»Floyd Co., VA
Mariam E. 8/12 F«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»Lee Co., VA

James A. Haley enlisted as a private in Co. B of Capt. Benjamin F. Poteet's Co. 64 Regt. Virginia Volunteers at Lee Co. on 10 April 1862 for a period of three years (enrolled by Major Thompson). This unit was also referred to as Slemp's Regt. Virginia Infantry (James was recorded as a private under this division at Saltville on 30 June 1862, serving for a period of three years and enrolled by Lt. Col. H. C. Slemp).

On 9 September 1863, James A. Haley was captured at Cumberland Gap, TN. He was taken to the Military Prison at Louisville, KY. On 24 September 1863, he was transferred to Camp Douglas, Chicago, IL, arriving two days later. James died at Camp Douglas on 18 October 1864 of acute diarrhea (date of death is also reported as 27 October 1864 in service records). He was buried in grave 110, block two of the Chicago City Cemetery.

In 1867, the Chicago City Cemetery was closed, and 4200 known (along with about 1800 unknown) casualties of Camp Douglas were relocated to the Oak Woods Cemetery in Chicago. In a mass grave known as "The Confederate Mound," soldiers were buried in cocentric circular trenches. In the center of this pattern, a 46-foot tall monument was dedicated on Memorial Day, 30 May 1895.

James A. Haley and family lived with the family of Baxter and Lucinda (Showalter) Simpkins in the 1860 Lee Co. Census.

Letter from James A. Haley to his brother, Joseph T. Haley

June the 7th 1863
Camp Holston Scot County Virginia
Dear Brother & Sister
I Seat myself this morning to drop you a few lines to inform you as that I am well at this time hoping these few lines may find you enjoying the Same blessing well, To, I would be very glad if peace was made So that I could be at home with you all we have all stuck together along time but alas this War has parted us from each other it has cald me away from my Dear family and all my Dear relations but one he is with me yet it has Seperated me from all that I hold Dear. & if it was not for the hope that to obtain of geting home again I would just as Soon be Dead as alive for my life is a perfect drag to from the fact that I have to be away from home and friends and be cursed by these big headed up Starts of the Country and lay on the ground in the rain & mud when I have got a good bed at home and eat bread & meet all the time when if I was at home I could get better if this things wouldent give a man the blues what would and there is another thing I dont get any thing for all this I am geting. So tired of it that I go out to myself some times and take a harty cry but it all does no good, if I had it I would give the wealth of Lee County if I was at home and could stay there, Some days I get So bewildered that Start off Some where and I dont' know where and the first thing I know I walk up to a guard and he sends me back Oh that I was as free as I once was it is useless for me to try as to describe my dis satisfaction of for tounge cannot tell any thing about my feelings in regard to it well, To I wish you would come up and see us it would only take you one day to come and one to go back I will bring my few disinteresting lines to a close by saying unto you that I want you all to write to me often you have a better chance to write than I do So nothing more at this time I am Still you affectionate Brother intill Death give my love to all let all of the folks see this letter James A. Haley
To Joseph T. Haley Write Soon

Military Records of Individual Civil War Soldiers

Name: James A Haley
Enlistment Date: 10 April 1862
Distinguished Service: DISTINGUISHED SERVICE
Side Served: Confederacy
State Served: Virginia
Unit Numbers: 770 770 825 825
Service Record: Enlisted as a Private on 10 April 1862
Enlisted in Company B, 21st Infantry Battn Regiment Virginia on 10 April 1862.
Transferred Company B, 21st Infantry Battn Regiment Virginia on 01 December 1862
Transfered in Company B, 64th Infantry Regiment Virginia on 01 December 1862.
POW on 09 September 1863 at Cumberland Gap, TN
Confined on 24 September 1863 at Camp Douglas, IL
Died of disease while a POW Company B, 64th Infantry Regiment Virginia on 18 October 1864 in Camp Douglas, IL 
Haley, James Allen (I18720)
66 1860 Mercer Co., VA Census
Princeton P.O.

956/899«tab»Petery Rollyson«tab»36 M«tab»Farmer«tab»$100«tab»$100«tab»Virginia

Military Records of Individual Civil War Soldiers

Name: Peter Rolison
Enlistment Date: 05 August 1861
Distinguished Service: DISTINGUISHED SERVICE
Side Served: Confederacy
State Served: Virginia
Unit Numbers: 794
Service Record: Enlisted as a Private on 05 August 1861 at the age of 35
Enlisted in Company I, 36th Infantry Regiment Virginia on 05 August 1861.
Rollyson, Peter (I16584)
67 1860 Raleigh Co., VA Census
Coal River Marshes P.O., pg. 981
17 July 1860

300/274«tab»Eli Fipps«tab»«tab»35 M«tab»Day Laborer VA«tab»(cannot read/write)«tab»$17 personal estate
Mary A. Fipps«tab»30 F«tab»Matron«tab» "
Jesse Fipps«tab» 9 M«tab»«tab» "
Daniel T. Fipps«tab» 6 M«tab»«tab» "
Crocket Fipps«tab» 2 M«tab»«tab» "
Fielding Fipps 2/12 M«tab»«tab» "

Military Records of Individual Civil War Soldiers

Name: Eli Fipps
Enlistment Date: 03 June 1861
Distinguished Service: DISTINGUISHED SERVICE
Side Served: Confederacy
State Served: Virginia
Unit Numbers: 794
Service Record: Enlisted as a Private on 03 June 1861
Enlisted in Company C, 36th Infantry Regiment Virginia on 03 June 1861.
Absent, sick on 01 August 1861 (With measles, no further record)
Fipps, Eli (I17994)
68 1860 Raleigh Co., VA Census
Marsh Fork District, pg. 986
27 July 1860

322/292«tab»Steel Laferty«tab»«tab»55 M«tab»Farm Laborer«tab»VA (cannot read/write)
Eleanor Laferty«tab»«tab»48 F«tab»Matron«tab»«tab» " (cannot read/write)
Howard Peyton Laferty«tab»10 F«tab»«tab»«tab» "
Henry Riffe Laferty«tab»«tab» 7 M«tab»«tab»«tab» "

1880 Giles Co., VA Census
Walkers Creek District, pg. 74A
6 June 1880

162/162«tab»Fipps, James«tab»36 M«tab»Head«tab»Farmer«tab»«tab»VA VA VA
Mary J.«tab»28 F«tab»Wife«tab»Housekeeper«tab»VA VA VA (insane, cannot write)
Wm. K. H.«tab»12 M«tab»Son«tab»Works on Farm«tab»VA VA VA (cannot write)
E. V.«tab»11 F«tab»Dau«tab»At Home«tab»VA VA VA
Samuel A.«tab» 9 M«tab»Son«tab»«tab»«tab»VA VA VA
Lura E.«tab» 6 F«tab»Dau«tab»«tab»«tab»VA VA VA
Lafferty, E. L.«tab»67 F«tab»Mother«tab»Keeping House«tab»VA VA VA (widow, cannot write)
Ellison, Eleanor L. (I21805)
69 1870 Braxton Co., WV Census
Clay Township, Bulltown P.O.
27 July 1870, page 394

114/114 Hardman, John G. 61 M W Farming 325(p) Virginia
" Malinda 55 F W Keeping House "
" Samuel M. 18 M W At Home "
" Margaret M. 16 F W " " "
" Hannah M. 13 F W " " "
" Catherine V. 10 F W " " "
" Sarah E. 8 F W " " "

1880 Braxton Co., WV Census

Hardman,«tab» John G.«tab»62
Malinda«tab» «tab»57 wife
Hannah M.«tab»22 dau
Virginia C.«tab»19 dau
Sarah Ellen«tab»17 dau 
Hardman, John G. (I19029)
70 1870 Braxton Co., WV Census
Clay Township, p. 393
26 July 1870

93/93 Forinash, Isaac 53 M W Farmining 600/150 Virginia
" , Milly A. 21 F W Keeping House "
" , Sarah E. 24 F W At Home "
" , Mary C. 18 F W "
" , Cintha J. 14 F W "
" , John L. 10 M W "
" , George V. 8 M W "
" , Jacob L. 12 M W "
" , Clinton 2 M W West Va.

1880 Braxton Co., WV Census
Kanawha District, p. 441D
21 and 22 June 1880

241/241 Forinash, Isaac 63 W M Head Farmer VA VA VA
----------, Millie A. 54 W F Wife Keeping House VA VA VA
----------, Jacob L. 22 W M Son Works on Farm VA VA VA
----------, George V 17 W M Son Works on Farm VA VA VA

The West Virginia Heritage Encyclopedia, Volume Three, Supplemental Series
Edited and Published by Jim Comstock, Richwood, West Virginia, 1974

Chapter III, Hardesty's Braxton County, p. 80

ISAAC FORINASH - was born April 14, 1817, in Buckhannon, Upshur county, then part of Virginia. He was a son of Jacob and Katy (Kritz) Forinash, and his father died in Lewis county, his mother in Upshur county. In 1838, near West Milford, Harrison county, Isaac Forinash was joined in wedlock with Millie Ann Plant, who was born in Harrison county in 1821. William and Rebecca (Washburn) Plant were her parents. Her father died in Harrison county, and her mother is passing the last years of her life in Lewis county. The children of Mr. and Mrs. Forinash were nine, namely: Sarah E. (Pliman), born April 21, 1843; Melissa E., January 9, 1846, deceased; William D., November 25, 1848; David W., October 30, 1849; Mary C. (Cunningham), September 5, 1851; Viola, January 12, 1854; Cynthia J. (Westfall), May 9, 1856; Jacob L., June 24, 1858; John L., July 23, 1860; George V., September 24, 1862. Jacob L. lives in Lewis county and the others in Braxton county. Mr. Forinash's grandparents were pioneer settlers of this part of the Virginias, his grandfather first settling in Harrison county when the Indians and the wild beasts of the forest made frontier life full of danger. His grandmother was an inmate of the fort at Clarksburg, built for the protection of the frontier settlers. Isaac Forinash came to Braxton county from Lewis county in 1865, settling on 118 acres of woodland. With the assistance of his sons, he now has 70 acres under cultivation. He contributed a lot for the building of a school-house, and one now stands on his farm. His postoffice address is Ireland, Lewis county, West Virginia. 
Forinash, Isaac (I18831)
71 1870 Braxton Co., WV Census
Clay Township, p. 393
26 July 1870

95/95 Forinash, William D. 21 M W Farming 450 150 Virginia
" , Cyntha J. 21 F W Keeping House "
" , Nathan T. 1 M W West Va.

1880 Braxton Co., WV Census
Kanawha District, p. 441D
21 and 22 June 1880

238/238 Forinash, William D. 32 W M Head Farmer VA VA VA
----------, Cyntha J. 32 W F Wife Keeping House VA VA VA
----------, Nathan T. 11 W M Son Works on Farm WV VA VA
----------, Cora F. 6 W F Dau WV VA VA
----------, Matilda F. 3 W F Dau WV VA VA

Braxton County, West Virginia
Will Book ?, p. 216-217

This My last will and testament made this the the 23rd Day of October A.D. 1890 in the County of Braxton and State of Virginia, witnesseth: I, W. D. Forinash being feeble in body but of sound mind do hereby, will and bequeath my property as follows:

First: I give to my son Theodore Forinash, one lot or parcel of of land containing one acre, in the town of Shaversville, also my one fourth interest in Mill Lot and Flouring Mill in Shaversville, County and State aforesaid, which is to be his entire portion of my estate both real and personal.

Second: I give to my wife Cyntha Jane Forinash her mentainance from my farm her natural lifetime, also one grey mare, also two cows her choice.

Third: I give my entire farm, on Bens Run a branch of Elk river County and State aforesaid to my two daughters Cora Francis Forinash, and Matilda Florence Forinash to be divided equally between them.

Fourth: I give to the M. P. Church house now building in Newville, County and State aforesaid twenty-five dollars.

Fifth: I give to my wife Cynthia Jane Forinash all my household effects and five head of hogs and four pigs and my watch - to be her own.

Sixth: I direct that my half interest in the sawed lumber and my half interest in all unsawed timber owned by me and John M. Marple on Laurel Patch run and my interest in a steam saw mill, now on Laurel Patch run, and my four horse team, gears and wagon and all other personal effects not herein disposed of sold to the best advantage purchaser giving bond with approved security for same.

Seventh: After paying all my debts and this will complied with, if there should be any money left, I give it to my wife Cynthia Jane Forinash for her benefit in keeping up the farm. Eighth: I hereby appoint my wife Cynthia Jane Forinash executor of this my last will and testament. Witness my signature and seal this the 23rd day of October 1890.

W. D. X Forinash (seal)

Teste: W. C. Jenkins
Philip Rogers
C. B. Beamer

State of West Virginia
Braxton County court clerks office November 10 - 1890
The last will and testament of W. D. Forinash deceased was this day presented in said office and proven by the oaths of W. C. Jenkins and Philip Rogers lieu of the subscribing witnesses herein and is admitted to record.
Teste C. K. Newlon Clerk
Forinash, William Dexter (I3954)
72 1870 Braxton Co., WV Census lists name as Jennie S. Morrison. Morrison, Jessie Lee (I26695)
73 1870 Federal Census, Ripley, Jackson Co., WV shows Saphronia Perkins living in the household of Martha Turner. Perkins, Sophronia (I9808)
74 1870 Greenbrier Co., WV Census
White Sulphur Dist., 14 Jul 1870

33/26 King, Abselam 48 M W Machanist $2000 (personal) Virginia
Sally A. 21 F W Keeping Hous Virginia (cannot read or write)
David S. 6 M W Virginia

1880 Summers Co., WV Census
Greenbrier Dist., 31 Aug 1880

108/108«tab»King, Absolem W M 60 (M) Head Engineer Va. Va. Va.
-----, Sarah W F 28 (M) Wife Keeping House " " Va. (cannot write)
-----, David Sylvester W M 15 (S) Son Farmer W.Va. " "
-----, Rebecca Ann«tab» W F 9 (S) Dau " " "
-----, Early Absolem W M 7 (S) Son " " "
King, Absalom (I16462)
75 1870 Raleigh Co., WV Census
Marsh Fork District
29 July 1870, page 362

168/67«tab»Fips, Mary A.«tab»40 F W«tab»Keeping House«tab»Va.«tab»($300 real estate)
-----, Jesse«tab»20 M W«tab»«tab»«tab»Va.
-----, Crocket«tab»14 M W«tab»«tab»«tab»Va.
-----, Henderson«tab» 9 M W«tab»«tab»«tab»W.Va.
-----, Mary M.«tab» 8 F W«tab»«tab»«tab»W.Va.
Jones, Mahaly«tab»28 F W«tab»«tab»«tab»Va.
-------, Butcher«tab» 2 M W«tab»«tab»«tab»W.Va.
-------, Catherine«tab» 2 F W«tab»«tab»«tab»W.Va.

1880 Raleigh Co., WV Census
Marsh Fork District
18 June 1880, page 142B

123/127«tab»Fipps, Mary A.«tab»52 F«tab»Head«tab»(widow)«tab»Keeping House«tab»VA VA VA
Mary M.«tab»15 F«tab»Dau«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»WV VA VA
Doctor C.«tab»21 M«tab»Son«tab»«tab»Farming«tab»«tab»VA VA VA
Mary L.«tab»20 F«tab»Wife«tab»«tab»«tab»«tab»VA VA VA
Charley«tab»12 M«tab»Cousin«tab»«tab»Works on Farm«tab»VA VA VA 
Daniel, Mary Ann (I18005)
76 1870 Roanoke Co., VA Census
Big Lick Township, Salem P.O.
9 Aug 1870, page 280

41/47 Britt, Elizabeth 75 F W At Home Virginia (cannot read/write)
Smith, Susan 32 F W Keeping House Virginia
Smith, William 10 M W At Home Virginia
Smith, James 4 M W At Home Virginia
Wood, Elizabeth "Eliza" (I2000)
77 1880 Greenbrier Co., WV Census
Meadow Bluff District, ED #35, SD #2, p.20
15,16 June 1880

165/166 Deitz, James W M 52 Farmer VA VA VA
------, Jane W F 55 Wife Keeping House VA VA VA
------, Thomas W M 23 Son Works on Farm VA VA VA
------, Wm Margrave W M 20 Son Works on Farm VA VA VA
------, Ermina B. W F 17 Dau At Home VA VA VA
Crane, Mary C. W F 24 Step-Dau At Home VA MD VA
-------, George W. W M 22 Step-Son Works on Farm VA MD VA 
McClung, Jane "Jenny" (I16706)
78 1880 Greenbrier Co., WV Federal Census
Meadow Bluff District

Crane, Benj. F.«tab»52«tab»MD NJ MD
Hannah«tab»49 wife VA VA VA
Snowden «tab»20 son VA VA VA

The Greenbrier Independent, Volume XXVI, No. 3, Thursday Evening, June 18, 1891


On Wednesday, June 10th, 1891, at his home on Laurel Creek mountain in Meadow Bluff dlstrict, this county, MR. BENJAMIN F. CRANE, in the 67th year of his age.
Crane, Benjamin Franklin (I19866)
79 1880 Greenbrier Co., WV Federal Census
Meadow Bluff District

Crane, Edward E.«tab»69«tab»NJ NJ MD
Martha A.«tab»65 wife«tab»MD MD MD
Joseph S.«tab»60 bro«tab»MD NJ MD
Joseph S. «tab»40 son«tab»VA NJ MD
Hines, Anna E. «tab»28 dau«tab»VA NJ MD
Hines, William I.«tab»14 g-son«tab»WV VA VA

The Greenbrier Independent, Volume XXI, Number 48, Thursday Evening, May 5, 1887

On the 23rd ult., at his home in Meadow Bluff district, this county, Mr. Edward E. Crane, in the 78th year of his age.

The Greenbrier Independent, Volume XXI, Number 50, Thursday Evening, May 19, 1887

Mr. Edward E. Crane, who was taken sick last November, took in addition the dangerous cough and cold so prevalent here in February, and died on the 23rd ult., in the 77th year of his age. He leaves a wife, two sons, six daughters and twenty-four grandchildren. 
Crane, Edward Ebbetts (I19829)
80 1880 Greenbrier Co.,WV Federal Census
Meadow Bluff District

Living with James Deitz.

The Greenbrier Independent, Volume XXVII, Number 11, Thursday Evening, August 11, 1892

On Tuesday, July 19th, 1892, at his home, in Meadow Bluff district, this county, Mr. G. W. Crane, aged 34 years.
Crane, George Washington Jr. (I16795)
81 1880 Mercer Co., WV Census
Plymouth Township

014«tab»Isaac Gore 75 M Farmer«tab»WV VA VA
Mary «tab» 29 F Wife«tab» VA VA VA
Mildred 19 F Dau«tab» WV VA VA

1900 Fayette Co., WV Census
Quinnimont District, page 272A
22 June 1900

203/206«tab»Saunders, J. W.«tab»Head«tab»W M Sep 1850 49 M 5«tab»TN IRE GER Coal Miner
" , Mary«tab»Wife«tab»W F Oct 1850 49 M 5 1/1 VA VA VA (cannot read/write)

1910 Raleigh Co., WV Census
Trap Hill District, page 253B
20 April 1910

134/136«tab»Saunders, J. W.«tab»60 M«tab»Head«tab»TN TN TN«tab»Timber Cutter«tab» (md. 14 years)
Mary«tab»59 F«tab»Wife«tab»VA VA VA«tab»(1 child born, 1 living, md. 14 years)
Haley, Carrie«tab»16 F«tab»G-Dau«tab»WV WV WV
Minnie«tab»11 F«tab»G-Dau«tab»WV WV WV 
Worrell, Mary "Polly" (I18809)
82 1900 Braxton Co., WV Census
Holly Dist., 6 June 1900, p. 41

36/37 Forinash, Cynthia J. Head W F Mar 1848 51 Wd (4 ch., 3 living) WV WV WV
Farmer Owns Farm Free Farm #20

1920 Braxton Co., WV Census
Holly District, 16 January 1920, p. 732A

186/187«tab»Forinash, Synthy J. Head O F F W 73 D WV WV WV Quilter

1930 Braxton Co., WV Census
Holly District, 17 April 1930, p. 10B

192/192 Gillespie, George P. Head M W 67 M 23 WV WV WV
----------, C. Francis Wife F W 57 M 19 WV WV WV
----------, Anna L. Dau F W 16 S WV WV WV
----------, Katherine Dau F W 11 S WV WV WV
Forinash, Sintha J. MIL F W 82 Wd WV WV WV
Ross, James Lodger M W 22 S WV WV WV
Hardman, Cyntha Jane (I4065)
83 1900 Greenbrier Co., WV Census lists name as Whyatt J. Shawver. Shawver, Wyatt A. (I26931)
84 1900 Greenbrier Co., WV census shows name as C. M. Hunter. Hunter, Sadie Ann (I10078)
85 1900 Raleigh Co., WV Census
Richmond Dist., 12-13 June 1900, p. 229B

103/106 Davis, John R. Head M W Sep 1853 46 (M, 13) WV WV WV
------, Rebecca Wife F W Apr 1872 28 (M, 13) VA VA VA (6 ch., 4 living)
------, Frank T. Son M W Jun 1888 11 (S) WV WV VA
------, Sonie E. Dau F W Dec 1894 5 (S) WV WV VA
------, James C. Son M W Mar 1896 4 (S) WV WV VA
------, John Son M W Aug 1899 9/12 (S) WV WV VA
King, Sarah MIL F W 50 (Wd.) VA VA VA
Rollison, S. J. Cousin F W Apr 1870 30 (S) WV WV WV

1920 Hamilton Co., OH Census
Spring Grove Avenue, Cincinnati, Ward 22
8-9 January 1920, S.D. 248, E.D. 382, p. 6B

198/80/139 Moore, Frank«tab»Head R M W 39 M 1900 Nov 1905«tab»IT IT IT
-------, Willie«tab»Wife F W 43 M«tab»«tab»WV VA WV
Davis, Frank«tab»St-Son M W 27 M«tab»«tab»WV WV WV
------, James«tab»St-Son M W 22 M«tab»«tab»WV WV WV
------, Sadie«tab»St-Dau F W 18 S«tab»«tab»WV WV WV
------, Jessie«tab»St-Dau F W 17 S«tab»«tab»WV WV WV
Harrah, Sarah«tab»MIL F W 65 Wd«tab»«tab»WV WV WV

Hamilton Co., OH GenWeb
Wesleyan Cemetery

Name: Hara, Sarah
Sex: F
Internment: 23 May 1929
Age: 72Y
Plot Owner: Lippert
Undertaker: Busse & Borgmann
Charges: $10.00
Purchase Amount: $0.00
Next of Kin: Single Grave on Lippert Lot by Permission of Family
Source: Ohio Vital Statistics
Book No.: 60
Sexton Book: TRUE
Available: FALSE
Section: T
Lot: 2
Lot Odd: W
Grave No.: 5
Box: TRUE 
Britt, Sarah A. "Sally" (I16473)
86 1900 Summers Co., WV Census
Greenbrier Dist., Hinton City, Ward 4
RR Street, 9 June 1900, pp. 60B - 61A

132/132«tab»Blakwell, William«tab» Head/R W M Sep 1853 46 M (4yr)«tab»VA VA VA (Blacksmith)
------------, Susan«tab» Wife«tab» W F Oct 1855 44 M (4yr)«tab»VA VA VA (3 ch, 3 living)
------------, Brown«tab» Son«tab» W M Jun 1876 23 S«tab»VA VA VA (Has shoes)
------------, Basil«tab» Dau«tab» W F Aug 1888 11 S«tab»VA VA VA
------------, Clarence Son«tab» W M Feb 1892 7 S«tab»WV VA VA
Worrell, Mary F.«tab» Step-Dau W F Apr 1883 17 S«tab»WV WV WV
------------, Nancy P. Step-Dau W F Dec 1885 14 S«tab»WV WV WV (At School)
------------, Millie«tab» MIL«tab» W F Jun 1830 69 Wd«tab»WV WV WV (Cannot Write, 11ch, 9 living) 
Dalton, Mildred "Millie" (I26000)
87 1900 Webster Co., WV Census lists birth as April 1840. Scott, Joseph N. (I25839)
88 1900 Webster Co., WV Census lists birth as August 1851. Querry, Sarah Elizabeth (I25618)
89 1910 Greenbrier Co., WV Census, Williamsburg District, Page 280A Hunter, Matthew Arthur (I14607)
90 1920 Giles Co., VA Census
Newport District
23 Jan 1920

191/194«tab»Phipps, Louis«tab»34 M«tab»Head«tab»WV WV WV«tab»Forester«tab» Saw Mill
Virginia«tab»28 F«tab»Wife«tab»WV WV WV
Effie«tab»10 F«tab»Dau«tab»WV WV WV
Blanche«tab» 8 F«tab»Dau«tab»WV WV WV
Hansford«tab» 6 M«tab»Son«tab»WV WV WV
Margory«tab» 3 F«tab»Dau«tab»WV WV WV
Frances 11/12 F«tab»Dau«tab»WV WV WV

1930 Greenbrier Co., WV Census
Meadow Bluff District, Marfrance Town (G & E Addition)
ED #13-17, SD #8, Sheet 8A - 8B (p. 21)
9 April 1930

4/136/144 Phipps, Lewis Head ($12.50/mo. Rent) M W 42 M 21 WV WV WV Laborer Woods
Virginia H. Wife F W 36 M 16 WV WV WV
Blanch Dau F W 18 M 17 WV WV WV
Hansford Son M W 15 S WV WV WV Laborer Woods
Margie Dau F W 13 S WV WV WV
Francis Dau F W 11 S WV WV WV
Stella Dau F W 8 S WV WV WV
Louise Dau F W 5 S WV WV WV
Edward Son M W 4 S WV WV WV
Frank Son M W 2-1/12 S WV WV WV
Day, Ernest Son-in-Law M W 25 M 24 NC NC NC Laborer Tincher

The Raleigh Register, 3 June 1953

Police Court Fines

Two motorists were lodged in the Raleigh County Jail Tuesday on charges of driving while intoxicated after both had been involved in minor accidents.

Clint Howery, of Daniel, was arrested after a wreck at Daniels. Lewis Phipps, 66, of Meadow Bluff, Greenbrier County, was jailed after he ran his car through a guard rail at Crab Orchard. The car was damaged extensively, but Phipps was not injured.

The Beckley Post-Herald, 6 June 1953

Lewis Phipps, Meadow Bluff, was fined $50 and costs yesterday by Thurman after pleading guilty to a charge -of driving while intoxicated. Phipps also had his license revoke for six months because of the charge.

The Beckely Post-Herald, 14 October 1966

Lewis E. Phipps Rites Saturday

MEADOW BLUFF (RNS) - Lewis Edwards Phipps, 78, of Meadow Bluff died at 10 a.m. Thursday following a long illness.

A retired timberman, Edwards was born in Raleigh County, Jan. 16, 1888, son of the late Crockett and Mary Luvene Phipps.

Survivors include his wife, Virginia Ellen; seven daughters, Mrs. Chase of Hillsboro, Ore., Mrs. Louise Lloyd of Banks, Ore., Mrs. Blanch Thompson of Clintonville, Mrs. Stella Hunter of Meadow Bluff, Mrs. Marjorie McCarty of Hines, Mrs. Francis Hizer of Crawley, and Mrs. Gertrude Thompson of Sam Black; four sons, Hansford of Hillsboro, Edward of Banks, Ulysses of Hillsboro and Noah of Beaverton, Ore.; three sisters, Norma Phipps of Prosperity, Mrs. Wade Foster of Beckley, and Della Honaker of Beckley; 35 grandchildren, and 25 great-grandchildren.

Services will be held at the Nickell Funeral Home Chapel at East Rainelle at 2 p.m. Saturday with Rev. Rex Ball in charge.

Burial will follow in the Old Amwell Cemetery. 
Phipps, Lewis Russell (Edward) Sr. (I14652)
91 1920 Greenbrier Co., WV Census
Blue Sulphur District, Page 43A
23 Jan 1920, Dawson Road

125/123«tab»Walkup, Ida J.«tab»47 F «tab»Head«tab»(widow)«tab»Farmer
Willie«tab»20 M«tab»Son«tab»«tab»Laborer
Mabel«tab»16 F«tab»Dau
Ula«tab»15 F«tab»Dau
Wyatt«tab»11 M«tab»Son
Carter, Delta«tab»22 F«tab»Dau«tab»(widow)
Helen 9/12 F«tab»GrDau

1930 Greenbrier Co., WV Census
Blue Sulphur District, Page 134A
24 April 1930, Alderson Road

172/187«tab»Walkup, J. Ida«tab»56 F«tab»Head«tab»(widow)«tab»WV WV WV None
E. Willie«tab»30 M«tab»Son«tab»«tab»WV WV WV Labor
L. Wyatt«tab»22 M«tab»Son«tab»«tab»WV WV WV Labor
J. Eula«tab»24 F«tab»Dau«tab»«tab»WV WV WV None

The Greenbrier Independent, Vol. 77, No. 9, Friday Morning, August 14, 1942

Death at Crawley

Mrs. Ida Jane Eads died Thursday night at the home of a daughter, Mrs. Delta Shortridge of Crawley, aged 71 years.

Services were held at 2 p.m. Saturday at the Little Sewell chapel with Rev. Joe Smith of Rupert officiating. Burial was in the church cemetery.

Also surviving are two other daughters, Mrs. Zena Hunter of Kieffer and Mrs. Mabel Lackie of Rupert; two sons, William Walker of Alderson and Wyatt Walker of Blue Sulphur Springs; three brothers, Walter McClung of White Sulphur Springs and A.R. McClung of Clendenin; two sisters. Mrs. Ada McClung of Dawson and Mrs. Lalie Heaster of Keiffer; 23 grandchildren and 15 great grandchildren.

The Greenbrier Despatch, East Rainelle, WV, Vol. 11, No. 49, Friday, August 14, 1942


Mrs. Ida Jane Eads, 72-years of age, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Delta Shortridge at Crawley, on Thursday, August 6, 1942, of a complication of diseases. She was born on November 21, 1869, and was a daughter of R. H. and Rebecca Crane McClung of Rupert. Her husband, John Eads is deceased.

Funeral services for Mrs. Eads were held at two o'clock on Saturday at Little Sewell Chapel by Rev. J. E. Smith of Rupert, with interment in the church cemetery, Nickell Funeral Home officiating. She is survived by three daughters and two sons, who are Mrs. Shortridge, at whose home she died; Mrs. Zenna Hunter of Kieffer; Mrs. Mable Lackie, of Rupert and Willie and Wyattt Walkup of Alderson and Blue Sulphur Springs. She is also survived by twenty three grandchildren and fifteen great grandchildren; three brothers and two sisters who are Walker McClung of Beckley; W.A. of White Sulphur, A. R. of Clendennin, Mrs. Ada McClung of Dawson and Mrs. Lalia Heaster of Kieffer.

The Charleston Daily Mail, page 2, Saturday Evening, August 8, 1942

Mrs. Ida Jane Eads - 71, died Thursday, home of a daughter, Mrs. Delta Shortridge of Crawley, Greenbrier county. Funeral, Saturday afternoon, Little Sewell chapel, Rev. Joe Smith of Rupert. Burial, church cemetery, Nickell mortuary, East Rainelle. Also surviving: two other daughters, Mrs. Zena Hunter of Kieffer and Mrs. Mabel Lackie of Rupert; two sons by a former marriage, William Walker of Alderson and Wyatt Walker of Blue Sulphur Springs; three brothers, Walter McClung of Beckley, W. A. McClung of White Sulphur Springs and A. R. McClung of Clendenin; two sisters, Mrs. Ada McClung of Dawson and Mrs. Lalie Heaster of Kieffer; 23 grandchildren and 15 great-grandchildren. 
McClung, Ida Jane (I15652)
92 1920 Greenbrier Co., WV Census - Kieffer Precinct No. 5 of Meadow Bluff

#7 Hunter, Sam W.«tab»«tab»29«tab»Head
Jessie R.«tab» 25«tab»Wife
Mary Ethel 4-5/12«tab»Daughter
William M. 1-4/12«tab»Son
Crane, Loman L.«tab»16«tab»Brother-in-Law
Hunter, Mary K.«tab»67«tab»Mother

The Charleston Daily Mail, Thursday, 19 November 1970

RAINELLE - Samuel William Hunter, 81, of Rupert, Greenbrier County, a member of the Beaver Creek Baptist Church at Kieffer, died Wednesday in Alley's Rest Home at Rupert.

Survivors: daughter, Mrs. Ethel Hess of Dunbar; sons, Melvin of St. Albans, Leslie with the Air Force in Tokyo, Japan, Warren of Washington, D.C.; brothers, Jennings of Kieffer, George of McRoss; half brother, Wade Hunter of Rainelle; half sister, Mrs. Annie Sanford of Rainelle.

Service will be held Friday at 11 a.m. at the Don Smathers Funeral Home here with the Rev. Charles W. Ambrose, Jr. officiating. Burial will be in End of the Trail Cemetery at Clintonville.

Friends may call the funeral home. 
Hunter, Samuel William "Sam" (I13190)
93 1920 Greenbrier Co., WV Census - Kieffer Precinct No. 5 of Meadow Bluff
#15 Hunter, Garner R.«tab»35«tab»Head
May T.«tab»26«tab»Wife
James R. «tab»10«tab»Son
Hattie M.«tab» 8«tab»Daughter
Earl W.«tab» 6«tab»Son
Grover G. 4-2/12«tab»Son

The Charleston Daily Mail, 24 February 1938

RAINELLE, Feb. 24 - Funeral services were to be held today for Garner Hunter, 52, of Kieffer, who died yesterday in a Hinton hospital. Burial was to be at Kieffer.

Mr. Hunter is survived by his wife, Mrs. Mae Crane Hunter; three daughters, Misses Hattie, Mae and Louise Hunter, at home; four sons, James, Grover and Llewellyn Hunter, at home, and Earl Hunter, of Rupert; his mother, Mrs. Kate Hunter, and three brothers, George Hunter, of Rainelle; Sam Hunter, of Rupert, and Jennings Hunter, of Kieffer. 
Hunter, Garner Ray (I13079)
94 1920 Nicholas Co, WV Census
Richwood Township

28/302/324 Lewis, Matilda«tab»Head«tab»40 «tab»Washerwoman?
Orval«tab» Son«tab»??
Dovie«tab» Dau«tab»16
Birdie«tab» Dau«tab» 7
Delbert «tab»Son«tab» 4

The Nicholas Chronicle, Summersville, WV, Vol. LXII, No. 47, Thursday, 23 March 1944


Mrs. May Lewis, 64, was found dead in the bed at her home on last Thursday. An inquest was held before Squire M. J. Maloney, acting as coroner. The verdict of the jury was that she came to her death by natural causes. She had been dead about 48 hours.

Several children and grand children survive.

Interment was made at Blacks Chapel with the Simmons Mortuary in charge. 
Forinash, Matilda Florence "May" (I19618)
95 1920, 1921 Williams' Cincinnati Directory

Moore, Frank gluemkr h 3198 Spring Grove Av 
King, Rebecca Ann Willie (I16484)
96 23.Jan.1570, on the 23«sup»rd«/sup» of January were united in matrimony Hans Gar of Kolnpach with virgin Elißawedt, the relict daughter of the late Michl Schaidtl of Drisper. Family: Hans Gahr / Elisabeth Schaidtl (F14026)
97 7 July 1994

Earl E. Worrell, 72, of Greenville, died Tuesday, July 5 at his home following a long illness.

Born February 20, 1922 at Camp Creek, WV, he was the son of the late Luke E. and Victoria Shockley Worrell.

Mr. Worrell was a retired emplyee of Hershel Col? Corp., a WWII US Army Veteran, member of the American Legion Post No. 110, Union, member of the Disabled American Veterans.

He was preceeded in death by a brother, Ray Worrell.

Survivors include his wife, Jacqueline Meredith Worrell, daughters, Mrs. Gary (Jean) Furrow of Arlington, VA., Mrs. Mike (Patricia) McKay of Leesburg, VA., Mrs. Thomas (Victoria) Arthur of Lynchburg and Mrs. Lewis (Pamela) Boggs of Pickaway; brother, Roy of Seattle, WA; sisters, Mrs. Cecil (Callie) Harsh of Seattle, WA and Mrs. Ella Rutz of Tomsbrook, VA; five grandchildren.

Funeral services will be 2 PM Friday at the Broyles Funeral Home Chapel in Peterstown with Elder Paul Williams officiating. Burial will follow in the Keaton Cemetery at Greenville where military graveside rites will be conducted by the American Legion Post No. 110, Union. Friends may call from 6-9 PM today at the Broyles Funeral Home, Peterstown. 
Worrell, Earl E. (I30432)
98 A History of Monroe County, West Virginia by Oren F. Morton
Copyright 1916, The McClure Company, Inc., Staunton, VA, p. 319


Zachariah (d. 1816) (Ellender) had a blockhouse on Trigger Run near Peterstown. C: Andrew, Margaret, Nancy, Patty, Polly (?James Ellison, 1796c), Sarah, Joshua (Rebecca Campbell, 1808, ?Nancy Roads, 1813), James, Priscilla (Delaney Swinney, 1806), Elizabeth (Ephraim Simmons, 1802), Charles (Ellen Garten, 1812). Richard may have been in this locality in 1775. He was a resident of Fincastle, which then included the southern extremity of Monroe.

Monroe County, WV
Will Book 1A, pg. 365 - 366

I Zachariah Callaway of Monroe County and State of Virginia do hereby make this my Last Will and testament in manner & form following that is to say -

1st I desire that all the perishable part of my Estate be immediately sold after my decease and out of the moneys ariseing therefrom all my Just debts and funeral charges be paid -

2dly After the payment of my Debts and funeral expences I give to my wife Ellender one third part of my Estate both real and personal for and during the term of her natural life, and after her death, I give the same to my children hereinafter mentioned (her part of the my Land whereon I now live excepted) equally to be divided amongst them (my son Andrew Except) and to be enjoyed by them forever.

3dly I give to my son Andrew the tract of Land or plantation whereon I now live in sd. County of Monroe containing two hundred acres to him and his heirs forever, also my wife Ellender's third part of the same at her decease to him & his heirs forever

4thly I desire that my land on the north side of Peters Mountain in sd County & Joining the land of Jacob Peck be sold and the moneys ariseing therefrom as also all the moneys ariseing from the sales of all my other personal property - say horses - cattle - sheep - Hogs do - together with all my household and farming utencils & tools of every kind also my wife third part of my perishable property after her decease all said moneys to be equally divided among my other children to wit - Peggy, Nancy Patty Polly Sally Joshua, James Priscilla Betsy & Charles

5thly All the rest of my Estate both real and personal of what nature or kind so ever it may be not herein particularly disposed of - I desire may be sold and the money equally divided among my several Children herein before mentioned which I give to them their heirs executors administrators and assigns forever (Andrew Excepted)

6thly and lastly I do hereby constitute and appoint my sons James Callaway and Andrew Callaway Executors of this my last will and Testament hereby revoking all other wills or testaments by me herebefore made -

In Witness whereoff I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this 7th day of March 1815.
Signed sealled published and } Zachariah X Callaway (seal)
declared as & for the last will } mark
& testament of the above named }
Zachariah Callaway in presence }
of us ------------------------------- }

Jacob Peck
Edwin H. Wade
Wm. Vawter

At a Court held for the County of Monroe the 19th day of Novr. 1816

This Last Will and Testament of Zachariah Callaway decd. Was presented in court & proven by the oaths of Jacob Peck & William Vawter two of the subscribing witnesses thereto and is Ordered to be Recorded.
A Copy
J Hutchison CMC

1810 Monroe Co., VA Census

Zachariah Callaway M: 2 (16-26) 1 (45+)
F: 1 (45+)
Callaway, Zachariah (I3112)
99 A popular family story tells of Robert and Sarah eloping. One night, Robert came to Sarah's home and placed a ladder by her bedroom window on the second floor. As Sarah was climbing out the window, she lost one of her shoes. Not wanting to wake her parents, Robert told her to ignore the shoe, he would buy her another pair later.

Robert was a short-tempered man, according to stories left by his children.

Information from WV Union Army records gives the following information about Robert Scott Blagg:
Enlisted: March 18, 1862 in Sutton
Age: 21
Born: Highland Co., VA
Height: 5' 8-1/2"
Complexion: fair
Eyes: gray
Hair: dark
Occupation: farmer

1870 Braxton Co., WV Census
Clay Twsp., Salt Lick Bridge P.O.
20 July 1870, p. 389

28/28«tab»Blagg, Robert S.«tab» 28 M W Farming«tab» Virginia
" , Sarah E.«tab» 24 F W«tab» Keeping House«tab» "
" , John M.«tab» 2 M W At Home«tab» West Va.

1880 Braxton Co., WV Census
Otter Dist., 1 June 1880, p. 465B

338/338«tab»Blagg, Robert S.«tab» 39 W M«tab»Head M«tab»Farmer«tab»«tab»VA VA VA
---------, Sarah E. 34 W F «tab»Wife M«tab»Housekeeper «tab»VA VA VA
---------, John M. 12 W M«tab» Son S«tab»At Home«tab»«tab»VA VA VA
---------, Caradon H.«tab» 10 W M Son S «tab»At Home«tab»«tab»VA VA VA
---------, George W.«tab» 8 W M Son S«tab»At Home«tab»«tab»VA VA VA
---------, Marion L.«tab» 6 W M Son S«tab»At Home«tab»«tab»VA VA VA
---------, Henry H.«tab» 3 W M Son S«tab»At Home«tab»«tab»VA VA VA
---------, Elizabeth M. 1 W F«tab»Dau S«tab»At Home«tab»«tab»VA VA VA 
Blagg, Robert Scott (I18896)
100 Abstracted from county birth registers. Source (S593)

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