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a history of the Crane, McClung, Walkup, and allied families

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Williamsburg, Greenbrier Co., WV


City/Town : Latitude: 37.9701195, Longitude: -80.4923023


Matches 1 to 35 of 35

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Burr, Edmonia S. "Eddie"  7 Dec 1866Williamsburg, Greenbrier Co., WV I13557
2 Campbell, William Thomas "Bill"  11 Mar 1868Williamsburg, Greenbrier Co., WV I36029
3 Crane, Oel Barona  14 Jun 1914Williamsburg, Greenbrier Co., WV I17381
4 Crookshanks, Elmer Eugene  11 Oct 1918Williamsburg, Greenbrier Co., WV I21339
5 Crookshanks, Mary Ann  7 Nov 1919Williamsburg, Greenbrier Co., WV I20901
6 Crookshanks, Mary Elizabeth  19 Dec 1878Williamsburg, Greenbrier Co., WV I20964
7 Crookshanks, Robert Bradley  14 Nov 1879Williamsburg, Greenbrier Co., WV I34330
8 Deitz, Forest E.  18 Mar 1890Williamsburg, Greenbrier Co., WV I14151
9 Deitz, Paul Burr  6 Jan 1897Williamsburg, Greenbrier Co., WV I37110
10 Hayslette, Charles M.  31 Jul 1901Williamsburg, Greenbrier Co., WV I20535
11 Judy, William C.  Dec 1881Williamsburg, Greenbrier Co., WV I18410
12 Kelly, Virgil Vestavis  3 Jun 1888Williamsburg, Greenbrier Co., WV I19774
13 McClung, Archie  20 Jun 1918Williamsburg, Greenbrier Co., WV I27330
14 McClung, Cassie  12 Feb 1894Williamsburg, Greenbrier Co., WV I29053
15 McClung, Charles Ellery Jr.  12 Jun 1919Williamsburg, Greenbrier Co., WV I27328
16 McClung, Christine  7 Mar 1903Williamsburg, Greenbrier Co., WV I28963
17 McClung, Daughter  21 Apr 1912Williamsburg, Greenbrier Co., WV I30911
18 McClung, Edwin A.  1919Williamsburg, Greenbrier Co., WV I32742
19 McClung, Frederick "Fred"  21 Mar 1899Williamsburg, Greenbrier Co., WV I28738
20 McClung, Keith D.  27 Dec 1923Williamsburg, Greenbrier Co., WV I27329
21 McClung, Margarete  25 Mar 1921Williamsburg, Greenbrier Co., WV I29824
22 McClung, William Wilson "Bill"  24 Apr 1919Williamsburg, Greenbrier Co., WV I29823
23 McClung, Zena May  25 Mar 1930Williamsburg, Greenbrier Co., WV I29839
24 Patterson, Ruby Faye  26 Oct 1925Williamsburg, Greenbrier Co., WV I18126
25 Suttle, Daughter  6 Apr 1897Williamsburg, Greenbrier Co., WV I18818
26 Turner, Charlie B.  16 Sep 1905Williamsburg, Greenbrier Co., WV I32369
27 Tyree, Charles Andrew  23 Oct 1879Williamsburg, Greenbrier Co., WV I36022
28 Tyree, Edward Lee  22 Aug 1885Williamsburg, Greenbrier Co., WV I36026
29 Tyree, George Cleveland  17 May 1883Williamsburg, Greenbrier Co., WV I36025
30 Tyree, Lydia Jane  19 Apr 1865Williamsburg, Greenbrier Co., WV I36017
31 Walkup, Edna Ruth  19 Aug 1918Williamsburg, Greenbrier Co., WV I14947
32 Withrow, Evelyn Marcella  26 Feb 1926Williamsburg, Greenbrier Co., WV I17984
33 Workman, Ada Louise   I18263
34 Wyatt, Leona Vada  20 Jun 1917Williamsburg, Greenbrier Co., WV I37071
35 Wyatt, Mamie Alice  3 Aug 1881Williamsburg, Greenbrier Co., WV I30959


Matches 1 to 23 of 23

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ?, Analiza "Ann"  26 Nov 1905Williamsburg, Greenbrier Co., WV I36030
2 Bivens, Mary Jane  24 May 1894Williamsburg, Greenbrier Co., WV I13554
3 Burr, Edmonia S. "Eddie"  12 Mar 1936Williamsburg, Greenbrier Co., WV I13557
4 Crane, Mary Ethel  5 Dec 1997Williamsburg, Greenbrier Co., WV I15781
5 Deitz, Charles C.  30 Nov 1947Williamsburg, Greenbrier Co., WV I129
6 Hayslett, John Franklin  29 May 1927Williamsburg, Greenbrier Co., WV I14441
7 Hunter, Ray Jennings  28 Oct 1993Williamsburg, Greenbrier Co., WV I5713
8 McClung, Bollar  16 Sep 1896Williamsburg, Greenbrier Co., WV I29439
9 McClung, Carl Eugene  20 Aug 2003Williamsburg, Greenbrier Co., WV I32744
10 McClung, Charles Andrew  22 Jan 1934Williamsburg, Greenbrier Co., WV I27326
11 McClung, James Steele  2 May 1928Williamsburg, Greenbrier Co., WV I14058
12 McClung, James Warwick  22 Dec 1933Williamsburg, Greenbrier Co., WV I28735
13 McClung, William M. "Grasshopper"  26 Feb 1917Williamsburg, Greenbrier Co., WV I27282
14 McClung, Zena May  25 Mar 1930Williamsburg, Greenbrier Co., WV I29839
15 Putney, Mary Geneva  16 Dec 1931Williamsburg, Greenbrier Co., WV I29712
16 Roach, Walter Edgar  11 Feb 1943Williamsburg, Greenbrier Co., WV I14205
17 Scudder, Mary Charlotte  4 Feb 1927Williamsburg, Greenbrier Co., WV I26949
18 Tyree, Charles Andrew  19 Aug 1950Williamsburg, Greenbrier Co., WV I36022
19 Tyree, Ellen B.  21 Dec 1971Williamsburg, Greenbrier Co., WV I36021
20 Tyree, John Andrew  16 Mar 1913Williamsburg, Greenbrier Co., WV I26962
21 Tyree, William Bollar  Dec 1966Williamsburg, Greenbrier Co., WV I36018
22 Walkup, Oliver  16 May 1923Williamsburg, Greenbrier Co., WV I14459
23 Wyatt, Mamie Alice  27 Jun 1954Williamsburg, Greenbrier Co., WV I30959


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Bivens, Mary Jane  26 May 1894Williamsburg, Greenbrier Co., WV I13554
2 Bobbitt, Floyd Preston  23 Nov 1930Williamsburg, Greenbrier Co., WV I38142
3 Burr, Edmonia S. "Eddie"  13 Mar 1936Williamsburg, Greenbrier Co., WV I13557
4 Deitz, Charles Elmer  5 Nov 1927Williamsburg, Greenbrier Co., WV I37049
5 McClung, Bollar  17 Sep 1896Williamsburg, Greenbrier Co., WV I29439
6 McClung, Charles Andrew  23 Jan 1934Williamsburg, Greenbrier Co., WV I27326
7 McClung, Jesse Campbell  8 Oct 1947Williamsburg, Greenbrier Co., WV I29481
8 McClung, John Calvin  9 Jul 1936Williamsburg, Greenbrier Co., WV I29057


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Ballard, Catherine  8 Sep 1870Williamsburg, Greenbrier Co., WV I19146
2 Hayslett, Isabella J.  8 Sep 1870Williamsburg, Greenbrier Co., WV I19150
3 Hayslett, Isabella J.  18 Jun 1880Williamsburg, Greenbrier Co., WV I19150
4 Hayslett, John Franklin  8 Sep 1870Williamsburg, Greenbrier Co., WV I14441
5 Hayslett, Mary E.  8 Sep 1870Williamsburg, Greenbrier Co., WV I19154
6 Hayslett, Mary E.  18 Jun 1880Williamsburg, Greenbrier Co., WV I19154
7 Hayslett, Nancy Virginia "Gennie"  8 Sep 1870Williamsburg, Greenbrier Co., WV I19152
8 Hayslett, Nancy Virginia "Gennie"  18 Jun 1880Williamsburg, Greenbrier Co., WV I19152
9 Hayslett, Robert B.  8 Sep 1870Williamsburg, Greenbrier Co., WV I23929
10 Hayslett, Robert B.  18 Jun 1880Williamsburg, Greenbrier Co., WV I23929
11 Hayslett, Sarah Ann "Sallie"  8 Sep 1870Williamsburg, Greenbrier Co., WV I19149
12 Hayslett, William H.  8 Sep 1870Williamsburg, Greenbrier Co., WV I19148


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Baldwin / Johnson  5 Dec 1928Williamsburg, Greenbrier Co., WV F7255
2 Deitz / Henry  27 Jan 1925Williamsburg, Greenbrier Co., WV F6197
3 Hunter / Coulter   F2900
4 McClung / McMillion  3 Aug 1918Williamsburg, Greenbrier Co., WV F11241
5 McClung / Wyatt  27 Mar 1941Williamsburg, Greenbrier Co., WV F11144
6 Miller / McClung  25 Jun 1924Williamsburg, Greenbrier Co., WV F10854
7 Paulin / Winebrimmer   F8927
8 Robinson / Walton  19 May 1926Williamsburg, Greenbrier Co., WV F16415
9 Sykes / Walkup  2 Jul 1944Williamsburg, Greenbrier Co., WV F6663
10 Williams / Gum   F2675

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