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a history of the Crane, McClung, Walkup, and allied families

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Crawley, Greenbrier Co., WV


City/Town : Latitude: 37.935555, Longitude: -80.65089


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Beitz, Darrell Lavon  18 Jun 1924Crawley, Greenbrier Co., WV I14265
2 Beitz, Gladys Oileen  22 Oct 1922Crawley, Greenbrier Co., WV I14264
3 Beitz, Joe Ann   I14267
4 Beitz, Julian Leslie  16 May 1927Crawley, Greenbrier Co., WV I14266
5 Beitz, Walter E. Sr.  29 Jun 1895Crawley, Greenbrier Co., WV I14261
6 Beitz, Walter E. Jr.  6 Oct 1920Crawley, Greenbrier Co., WV I14262
7 Bryant, Charles William  5 Jul 1923Crawley, Greenbrier Co., WV I15142
8 Bryant, Frank Eugene  12 Sep 1929Crawley, Greenbrier Co., WV I15145
9 Bryant, John Wade  12 Jul 1925Crawley, Greenbrier Co., WV I15143
10 Bryant, Margaret Elaine   I15146
11 Bryant, Virginia Dare "Ginny"  22 Jul 1927Crawley, Greenbrier Co., WV I15144
12 Burns, Lawrence Maude  17 Sep 1881Crawley, Greenbrier Co., WV I17160
13 Burns, Louis Dassenville "Lou" Sr.  17 May 1879Crawley, Greenbrier Co., WV I17149
14 Counts, Donald Watson  14 May 1944Crawley, Greenbrier Co., WV I14974
15 Crane, Bertha  23 Nov 1883Crawley, Greenbrier Co., WV I17171
16 Crane, Charles Kenna  8 Jun 1894Crawley, Greenbrier Co., WV I18430
17 Crane, Daniel Earl  14 Aug 1892Crawley, Greenbrier Co., WV I18429
18 Crane, Evelyn Jean  4 Dec 1923Crawley, Greenbrier Co., WV I17671
19 Crane, Flora Lee   I18241
20 Crane, Goldie Ann  22 Jul 1906Crawley, Greenbrier Co., WV I18435
21 Crane, Janet Mae   I18485
22 Crane, Jess J.  7 Apr 1905Crawley, Greenbrier Co., WV I18433
23 Crane, Mirel Hessel  12 May 1914Crawley, Greenbrier Co., WV I17377
24 Crane, Orley Mckinley  27 Apr 1896Crawley, Greenbrier Co., WV I18437
25 Crane, Pauline Ann "Polly"  22 Sep 1903Crawley, Greenbrier Co., WV I18441
26 Crookshanks, Alma Frances  21 May 1921Crawley, Greenbrier Co., WV I18840
27 Crookshanks, Charles W.  Jul 1922Crawley, Greenbrier Co., WV I18841
28 Crookshanks, Mary E.  27 Dec 1923Crawley, Greenbrier Co., WV I18844
29 Deitz, Judson Byron  6 Mar 1878Crawley, Greenbrier Co., WV I21880
30 Ford, Elizabeth Leora  4 Jun 1928Crawley, Greenbrier Co., WV I15158
31 Ford, Gloria Lee  13 Jan 1926Crawley, Greenbrier Co., WV I15153
32 Ford, Lola Gaye   I15155
33 Ford, Martha Lynn   I15154
34 Ford, Verna Coleen   I15156
35 Hanson, Dwight Wayne   I7689
36 Hawkins, Gregory Wayne  25 May 1952Crawley, Greenbrier Co., WV I18487
37 Hawkins, Sandra Louise "Sandy"   I18493
38 Hawkins, Stephen Joe "Steve"   I18488
39 Heaster, Albert Clifford  25 Jun 1914Crawley, Greenbrier Co., WV I1364
40 Heaster, Alpheus Burdette  28 Nov 1876Crawley, Greenbrier Co., WV I14275
41 Heaster, Betty Carolyn   I7122
42 Heaster, Mary  1 May 1903Crawley, Greenbrier Co., WV I14277
43 Heaster, Rebecca Jane "Becky"  3 Jun 1876Crawley, Greenbrier Co., WV I22234
44 Heaster, Remonia Gaye   I4336
45 Hiser, George Lewis  26 Jan 1947Crawley, Greenbrier Co., WV I14997
46 Hiser, Nena Belle   I14986
47 Hiser, Robert Carol  19 Oct 1949Crawley, Greenbrier Co., WV I15008
48 Hiser, Thelma Jean   I14975
49 Hunter, Alice Faye "Shelvie Jean"  17 Mar 1941Crawley, Greenbrier Co., WV I21604
50 Hunter, David Jay   I7033

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Beitz, Gladys Oileen  22 Oct 1922Crawley, Greenbrier Co., WV I14264
2 Beitz, Joseph Henry  24 Aug 1924Crawley, Greenbrier Co., WV I5396
3 Bivens, Ada  31 May 1962Crawley, Greenbrier Co., WV I25229
4 Bivens, Laura J.  20 Feb 1907Crawley, Greenbrier Co., WV I5828
5 Black, Samuel Thomas  15 Jan 1930Crawley, Greenbrier Co., WV I5809
6 Boggs, Paul Richard Sr.  31 Jul 2008Crawley, Greenbrier Co., WV I37704
7 Bryant, Jesse Bryan  26 Nov 1976Crawley, Greenbrier Co., WV I15140
8 Bryant, Robert James  26 Jan 1997Crawley, Greenbrier Co., WV I40295
9 Burns, Leslie Given "Sam" Jr.  10 May 1988Crawley, Greenbrier Co., WV I13113
10 Burns, Samuel "Sammy"  8 Feb 2009Crawley, Greenbrier Co., WV I666
11 Callison, Abigail Frances  25 Apr 1914Crawley, Greenbrier Co., WV I13215
12 Christian, Theora  Jan 1980Crawley, Greenbrier Co., WV I16744
13 Crane, Abigail Jane  26 Jan 1929Crawley, Greenbrier Co., WV I16717
14 Crane, Dora Dove  6 Feb 1958Crawley, Greenbrier Co., WV I17027
15 Crane, Edward Ebbetts  23 Apr 1932Crawley, Greenbrier Co., WV I5980
16 Crane, Joseph Stephen "Steve" Jr.  17 Feb 1939Crawley, Greenbrier Co., WV I5969
17 Crane, Lorena  14 Apr 1914Crawley, Greenbrier Co., WV I20309
18 Deitz, Everil H.  1 Oct 1990Crawley, Greenbrier Co., WV I22330
19 Deitz, Nettie Fay  6 Oct 1953Crawley, Greenbrier Co., WV I21877
20 Deitz, William Howard  24 Feb 1978Crawley, Greenbrier Co., WV I22332
21 Fraunfelker, Clara Janet  10 Dec 1985Crawley, Greenbrier Co., WV I18464
22 Hawkins, Edward Rockford "Rock"  Jul 1979Crawley, Greenbrier Co., WV I18469
23 Heaster, John Gamelia  24 Dec 1973Crawley, Greenbrier Co., WV I21892
24 Heaster, Malinda A.  22 Jun 1939Crawley, Greenbrier Co., WV I5958
25 Hiser, George Washington  30 Mar 1968Crawley, Greenbrier Co., WV I14951
26 Hiser, Robert Carol  19 Oct 1949Crawley, Greenbrier Co., WV I15008
27 Hunter, Earl William  2 Jan 1992Crawley, Greenbrier Co., WV I14077
28 Hunter, Infant  Abt Mar 1916Crawley, Greenbrier Co., WV I5824
29 Hunter, Margie Jane  28 Jul 1995Crawley, Greenbrier Co., WV I6157
30 Jones, Burnette Lee "Dick"  21 May 1992Crawley, Greenbrier Co., WV I15195
31 Keyes, Birdie Armita  26 Mar 1947Crawley, Greenbrier Co., WV I14540
32 Legg, Mary Opal  12 Sep 1949Crawley, Greenbrier Co., WV I15147
33 McCarty, Everett Leslie "Mack"  19 Jul 1964Crawley, Greenbrier Co., WV I39435
34 McClung, Florence  1 Oct 1944Crawley, Greenbrier Co., WV I5357
35 McClung, Hilda Chloe  10 Feb 1993Crawley, Greenbrier Co., WV I14537
36 McClung, Ida Jane  6 Aug 1942Crawley, Greenbrier Co., WV I15652
37 McClung, Lola  11 Oct 1922Crawley, Greenbrier Co., WV I31776
38 McClung, Theta Texa  18 Nov 2001Crawley, Greenbrier Co., WV I25013
39 McClung, Ulysses Grant "Bud"  16 Mar 1950Crawley, Greenbrier Co., WV I14533
40 McClung, Verna Belle  20 Aug 2002Crawley, Greenbrier Co., WV I14538
41 McClung, William Okey  11 May 1961Crawley, Greenbrier Co., WV I22424
42 Milem, Howard Esmond  22 Jan 1997Crawley, Greenbrier Co., WV I11268
43 Nicely, Lonnie Garland  23 Jun 2010Crawley, Greenbrier Co., WV I15193
44 Perkins, Mabel Blanche  13 May 1969Crawley, Greenbrier Co., WV I37560
45 Rushton, Eddie Mae  14 Sep 2004Crawley, Greenbrier Co., WV I30185
46 Scruggs, Charles Edward "Eddie"  23 Sep 1973Crawley, Greenbrier Co., WV I13154
47 Scruggs, Howard P.  1 Oct 1943Crawley, Greenbrier Co., WV I15325
48 Shawver, Frances Adelia "Fanny"  30 Aug 1961Crawley, Greenbrier Co., WV I13120
49 Sheppard, Roger Dale  7 Sep 1996Crawley, Greenbrier Co., WV I47402
50 Shirkey, Myrtle  28 Jul 1991Crawley, Greenbrier Co., WV I15932

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Crane, Abigail Jane  27 Jan 1929Crawley, Greenbrier Co., WV I16717
2 Walkup, Ernest Lee  6 Jul 1926Crawley, Greenbrier Co., WV I13522


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Judy / Beitz   F6258
2 Morton / Crane  9 Jan 1946Crawley, Greenbrier Co., WV F7894
3 Pitsenbarger / Hunter  12 Dec 1958Crawley, Greenbrier Co., WV F4225

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