Meadow Bluff Meanderings

a history of the Crane, McClung, Walkup, and allied families

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Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV


City/Town : Latitude: 37.8940082, Longitude: -80.598971


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Beitz, Verna Dale  20 Jul 1929Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV I31287
2 Bennett, Ashby Coy "Sam"  6 May 1923Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV I31288
3 Blankenship, Kirby Dane   I42419
4 Bryant, Marvin Eugene  23 Mar 1932Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV I36328
5 Burns, Bernice Marthalee  5 Feb 1919Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV I15168
6 Burns, Bertie B.  13 Feb 1913Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV I426
7 Burns, Bethel Brooks  26 Mar 1914Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV I609
8 Burns, Cecil Everette  17 Apr 1904Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV I18884
9 Burns, Clyde H.  15 Jul 1894Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV I349
10 Burns, David Lake "Davey"  23 Jan 1916Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV I422
11 Burns, Don Elmer  15 Jan 1913Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV I608
12 Burns, Estil B.  8 Aug 1907Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV I418
13 Burns, Joseph  5 Feb 1913Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV I21832
14 Burns, Joseph C. B.  18 Mar 1869Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV I21576
15 Burns, Juanita  7 Nov 1911Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV I529
16 Burns, Loyd Andrew  8 Oct 1911Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV I18172
17 Burns, Mary E.  23 Aug 1905Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV I417
18 Burns, Mattie Wilson  24 Jan 1913Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV I421
19 Burns, Maude C.  11 Aug 1916Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV I427
20 Burns, May Della  7 Feb 1909Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV I419
21 Burns, Myrtle Alice  3 Sep 1910Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV I420
22 Burns, Son  20 Dec 1903Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV I389
23 Burns, Wadena L.  13 Jul 1913Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV I530
24 Burns, William Marshall  23 Dec 1902Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV I416
25 Burns, Willis Knight "Willie"  2 Oct 1921Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV I533
26 Burns, Wilma M.  6 Dec 1917Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV I531
27 Burns, Winona M.  19 Sep 1919Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV I532
28 Butler, Norma Kay   I17232
29 Campbell, Gerald Lacy  11 May 1895Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV I36031
30 Crane, Ann Jane   I18445
31 Crane, Bernard Washington  23 Nov 1895Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV I17217
32 Crane, Catherine Arlene "Cathy"   I18389
33 Crane, Dora Dove  21 Sep 1879Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV I17027
34 Crane, Ernest Lee Sr.  1 Apr 1912Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV I18375
35 Crane, Everette  10 Dec 1920Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV I18376
36 Crane, James Emory  5 Oct 1889Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV I17060
37 Crane, James Paul  24 Feb 1924Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV I18380
38 Crane, Ronald James  30 Oct 1915Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV I14247
39 Crane, Ruby Lee   I18388
40 Crane, Rupert Allen   I18239
41 Crane, William Dennis  22 Feb 1882Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV I17038
42 Cruse, Cora Lee   I12488
43 Deitz, Hubert Ray  8 Sep 1919Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV I37039
44 Deitz, Thomas Lloyd  20 Dec 1915Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV I37038
45 Ferrell, Charles Leslie  25 Oct 1893Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV I60
46 Flanagan, Carroll Ray  2 Jul 1939Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV I1074
47 Flanagan, Ray Donald  10 May 1913Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV I1062
48 Flanagan, Roy Murl  13 Aug 1916Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV I1063
49 Flint, Evelyn Mae  23 Apr 1920Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV I30533
50 Flint, Lewis W.  2 Dec 1925Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV I30522

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Ailstock, Franklin Leeroy  7 Jan 1939Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV I23248
2 Arthur, Woodrow Wilson  8 Nov 1988Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV I22515
3 Bennett, Leanna  30 Dec 1940Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV I13142
4 Bennett, Robert L.  12 Jan 1977Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV I31757
5 Burns, Elizabeth E. "Lizzie"  29 Mar 1929Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV I17005
6 Burns, Marshall  29 Oct 1923Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV I304
7 Burns, Thomas Lee  18 Sep 1943Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV I321
8 Campbell, James Washington  12 Dec 1924Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV I36028
9 Campbell, Kenna Kipp  19 Dec 1906Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV I36032
10 Carr, Mary Gertrude  15 Jan 1951Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV I13565
11 Crane, Charles Allen T. "Tee"  7 May 1929Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV I16751
12 Crane, Gary Landon  24 Feb 2011Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV I18211
13 Deitz, Dudley Dorris  10 Sep 1996Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV I14399
14 Deitz, George Eakin  4 Sep 1956Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV I37034
15 Deitz, Hubert Ray  11 Mar 2009Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV I37039
16 Fleshman, Nora Lee  8 May 1945Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV I18373
17 Hanna, Edith Marcelle  7 Apr 2008Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV I36719
18 Hanna, Murrell Oran  29 Feb 2012Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV I36711
19 Hannah, Emma Virginia  11 Nov 1958Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV I37036
20 Hawkins, Charles Duward  17 Oct 1985Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV I18470
21 Hayslett, Sarah Ann "Sallie"  26 Nov 1935Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV I19149
22 Hayslette, Rita O.  8 Mar 2004Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV I31554
23 Hayslette, Vernon Edward  26 Jun 2014Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV I38613
24 Hedrick, Beulah Elizabeth  24 Oct 1993Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV I22473
25 Henson, Flora C.  2 Jan 1997Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV I18387
26 Henson, Meda Susan  2 Apr 1992Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV I20904
27 Hess, Sarah Ida  20 Mar 1917Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV I14512
28 Kelly, Emmett Lorane  6 Oct 1931Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV I20948
29 Kelly, Ernest Eugene  24 Jul 1933Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV I20949
30 King, John Lloyd  14 Jul 1961Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV I30228
31 Knapp, Flora Lenora  29 Mar 1956Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV I13574
32 Loudermilk, Ardena Ann  31 Oct 1933Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV I27209
33 Loudermilk, Carl J.  20 Apr 2004Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV I27193
34 Loudermilk, Charles Thomas  30 Oct 1938Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV I19160
35 Loudermilk, Howard Estill  23 Aug 1923Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV I47071
36 Loudermilk, James Edward  18 Oct 2004Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV I31573
37 Loudermilk, James Perry  12 Mar 1963Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV I19165
38 Loudermilk, Laura Susan  16 Aug 1942Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV I415
39 Loudermilk, Lewis Homer  Jul 1983Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV I19167
40 Loudermilk, Ron Denver  5 Aug 2003Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV I27232
41 Loudermilk, Susan Elizabeth  28 Feb 1970Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV I27181
42 Martin, Annie Laura  15 Feb 1945Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV I357
43 McClung, Dollie Faye  21 Oct 1996Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV I25592
44 Merritt, Sara Allen  3 Sep 2004Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV I33665
45 O'Dell, Homer E.  6 Jul 1993Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV I30712
46 Patton, Lillian Emma May  8 Apr 1999Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV I18208
47 Phipps, Sharon Sue "Poo"  2 Aug 2019Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV I15141
48 Piercy, Mildred Pauline  3 Feb 2005Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV I37157
49 Price, Adline Jane "Adda"  25 Dec 1941Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV I14452
50 Richardson, Pauline Nettie  10 Jan 1942Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV I1064

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 Burns, Lula R.  31 May 1902Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV I17083


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Arthur / Hedrick  20 Mar 1940Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV F9046
2 Backus / Judy   F8013
3 Bowyer / Deitz   F8125
4 Burns / Campbell  29 Nov 1922Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV F203
5 Colyer / Crane  8 Sep 1945Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV F6248
6 Deitz / Reynolds  26 Apr 1932Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV F12322
7 Flanagan / Harford  15 Jun 1932Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV F501
8 Hinkle / Walkup   F5524
9 Hutsenpiller / Miller   F656
10 Jones / Hanna  28 Jun 1926Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV F14678
11 King / Deitz  18 Dec 1929Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV F13056
12 King / Hunter  1 Jun 1962Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV F1453
13 Legg / Hill  10 Jun 1930Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV F2665
14 Patterson / Arthur   F16589
15 Tuck / Osborne   F13365
16 Tuckwiller / Flint  22 Dec 1944Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV F5969
17 Walkup / Legg  6 May 1931Clintonville, Greenbrier Co., WV F6412
18 Walkup / Smith   F5535

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