Meadow Bluff Meanderings

a history of the Crane, McClung, Walkup, and allied families

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Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Amick, Aaron Ross   I49135
2 Baldwin, Karan Dawn   I34906
3 Beale, Carole Crawford   I11796
4 Black, Elizabeth "Libby"  13 Nov 1923Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV I40505
5 Black, John Rupert  18 Mar 1912Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV I5465
6 Black, William Pollock "Bill" Jr.  1921Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV I32190
7 Blagg, Janet Annie  5 Mar 1913Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV I19308
8 Blagg, Joseph Arthur  27 Mar 1917Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV I19309
9 Blagg, Robert Lewis  7 Jul 1922Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV I19310
10 Botkin, Luther E. "Sleepy" Jr.  21 Aug 1927Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV I35829
11 Bourne, Beverly Jeanne   I18003
12 Bourne, Chester Mitchell   I18004
13 Bourne, Chester Wellington  11 Dec 1910Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV I18001
14 Bourne, Elizabeth Andrea   I18002
15 Burns, Bryan   I24191
16 Burns, William Carl III   I24190
17 Callard, Andrew Weatherby   I11804
18 Callard, Daniel Warren   I19336
19 Callard, Donald Pope   I19335
20 Callard, Robert Andrew   I19337
21 Callard, Susan Lynne   I11797
22 Carver, Ethel  19 Sep 1916Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV I18467
23 Clemens, William Cornet  4 Apr 1896Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV I33309
24 Corns, Deborah Jean "Debi"  17 Jan 1945Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV I35832
25 Cowley, Rebecca Lynn  25 Feb 1965Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV I33783
26 Dawson, Arthur R.  5 Jan 1902Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV I33231
27 Donnally, Edward Thomas  1 Mar 1893Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV I35099
28 Feazell, Elizabeth Anne  26 Aug 1974Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV I47877
29 Ferrell, Alyssa Marie   I38667
30 Ferrell, Emily Jayne   I35255
31 Forrest, Thomas Jason   I16441
32 Graley, Charles  27 Sep 1906Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV I47589
33 Graley, Dovie  19 Jun 1906Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV I47591
34 Graley, Goldie  15 Apr 1909Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV I47612
35 Graley, Hattie Naoma  4 Sep 1906Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV I47593
36 Graley, Lester Sampson  2 Jan 1910Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV I47654
37 Graley, Lula Mamie  19 Mar 1902Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV I47584
38 Graley, Thomas Dewey  19 May 1905Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV I47537
39 Hays, Clyde  Jul 1899Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV I47833
40 Hayslette, Vernon Edward  22 Feb 1941Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV I38613
41 Jarrett, Dr. Homer C. Jr.  28 Jan 1918Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV I17338
42 Johnson, Robert Early  2 Sep 1916Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV I30957
43 Kay, Linda Lou   I2426
44 Kiser, William H.  11 Sep 1920Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV I23451
45 Landis, David Ray   I22289
46 Landis, Frederick Alan  26 Oct 1943Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV I22286
47 Landis, Joseph Allen "Joe"   I22288
48 Landis, Tammy Lynn   I22287
49 Lively, Robert D.  1906Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV I33248
50 Livingston, Jo Ellen   I6603

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ?, Grace R.  10 Jul 1975Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV I32189
2 Adkins, Roy Edward  5 Feb 1927Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV I33108
3 Aliff, Pansie Opal  11 Dec 1988Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV I37275
4 Amick, Alma M.  30 Apr 1965Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV I35710
5 Amick, Annie B.  1 Oct 1941Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV I26467
6 Amick, Billy Joe  26 Aug 2001Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV I28115
7 Arthur, Araminta V. "Mintie"  20 Apr 1962Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV I14603
8 Arthur, Roy Houston  5 Jun 1973Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV I47845
9 Baldwin, Dwight Lindberg "Lindy"  8 Dec 2005Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV I16909
10 Belcher, Charles Eugene  12 Jan 2007Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV I37325
11 Beller, Goldie Mae  20 Jun 1999Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV I17634
12 Biggers, Earl Ray  27 Aug 1962Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV I35756
13 Bishop, Elizabeth Ann  21 May 1993Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV I27157
14 Black, James C.  14 Oct 1934Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV I40504
15 Black, John Rupert  27 Jul 1992Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV I5465
16 Black, Dr. William Pollock Sr.  22 Oct 1969Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV I5837
17 Blagg, Dr. Benjamin Vance  9 Jul 1965Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV I19300
18 Boggs, Brian  9 Mar 2015Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV I47275
19 Botkin, Luther E. "Sleepy" Jr.  27 Jul 1995Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV I35829
20 Bourne, Chester Wellington  12 Jan 1989Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV I18001
21 Bowes, Anthony Edward  15 Jun 1992Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV I18886
22 Broughman, Curtis Lyle  29 Mar 1938Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV I13001
23 Broughman, James E.  12 Nov 2003Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV I38700
24 Brown, Lillian Muranda  3 Jun 1990Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV I34504
25 Burns, Cecil Everette  6 Nov 2001Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV I18884
26 Burr, Lester Eugene  16 Aug 1965Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV I35698
27 Burr, Patricia N.  20 Nov 2006Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV I35705
28 Burr, Ryland Dickson  3 Jun 1972Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV I13382
29 Callison, Elizabeth Katherine "Lib"  27 Feb 2006Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV I35629
30 Callison, Myrtle Virginia  27 Dec 1966Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV I21015
31 Carroll, Opiedean Ray  31 Jul 1989Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV I821
32 Carter, Nancy Lee "Nana"  16 Jun 2003Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV I28029
33 Cook, II Elliott James  10 Sep 1971Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV I904
34 Copenhaver, George Henry  22 Oct 1950Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV I4003
35 Crane, Ladura Wesley "Dewey"  1 Jul 1942Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV I14314
36 Crane, Rebecca Lynn "Becky"  14 Oct 2001Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV I18270
37 Crookshanks, Margie Lee  31 Jul 2000Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV I8577
38 Damron, Margaret Estelle  13 Dec 1988Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV I26647
39 Dawson, Arthur R.  13 Nov 1952Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV I33231
40 Deem, Samuel Floyd  19 Oct 1971Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV I17607
41 Deitz, Elizabeth Emma Jean  19 Dec 2004Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV I14417
42 Dillon, Edna Mae  27 Feb 2011Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV I27124
43 Dixon, John Wheeler Sr.  20 Oct 1978Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV I13901
44 Donnally, Edward Thomas  20 Oct 1978Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV I35099
45 Dotson, Nola S. "Beck"  13 Jul 1978Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV I17329
46 Drennen, May I.  13 Oct 1934Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV I39501
47 Feazell, Elizabeth Anne  29 Aug 1974Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV I47877
48 Flanagan, Pearl May  11 Feb 1967Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV I3671
49 Fox, Mary Catherine  31 Mar 1999Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV I41407
50 Fullen, Andree Lorena  30 Jan 1955Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV I14414

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Black, James C.  16 Oct 1934Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV I40504
2 Price, Elizabeth Alice "Eliza"  Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV I160
3 Walkup, John Malcolm  Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV I14480


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 King, Dr. Samuel L. II  Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV I40526


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Rhodes, Charles Edgar  Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV I39463


Matches 1 to 27 of 27

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Baughman / Martin  30 Jun 1956Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV F12728
2 Black / Krasyk  1 Mar 1947Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV F14276
3 Black / Seabolt  18 Nov 1943Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV F14268
4 Black / Stud  24 Apr 1912Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV F14260
5 Blagg / Connell  7 Sep 1946Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV F2841
6 Blagg / Lawhead  14 Jun 1952Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV F5244
7 Brown / Lewis  18 Jan 1955Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV F1063
8 Ceperley / Rodes  14 Feb 1942Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV F12491
9 Cruse / Miller  2 Oct 1948Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV F8562
10 Dempsey / Snedegar  26 Dec 1945Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV F16604
11 Graley / Dement  28 May 1917Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV F16487
12 Graley / Jones  6 Jun 1912Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV F16429
13 Graley / Lyons  27 May 1910Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV F16486
14 Haynes / McClung  3 Nov 1929Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV F10436
15 Hess / Porter   F13862
16 Kessler / McDaniel  26 Jun 1923Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV F2087
17 Leadmon / Burns  15 Jan 1946Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV F14104
18 Redmon / Wertz   F13724
19 Seward / Taylor   F16012
20 Slater / Copenhaver  28 Jan 1929Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV F13850
21 Tulloh / King  4 Jun 1925Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV F16043
22 Turner / Taylor  7 Apr 1941Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV F409
23 VanNatter / Hayslette   F16489
24 Walkup / Ray   F6626
25 Ward / Copenhaver  4 Oct 1909Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV F13852
26 Womack / Boland  22 Feb 1930Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV F6193
27 Young / Hines  2 Sep 1927Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV F6123

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